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  1. Pc here. Still getting the disconnect issue. Doesn't happen in any other game, just grid. No feedback from anyone responsible. And this has been going on for 2 years now. :(
  2. Got the disconnect issue. Games been fine for 18 months, only the past week or so I haven't been able to play without serious lag and eventual disconnect.
  3. Probably you have it sorted by now, but just in case, Steam/userdata, open numbered folder and look for 255220, that's ur save file, I copy and paste mine to external sources.
  4. Was an awesome night of fun and frolics. Thanks to Debug for doing the Admin. ;)
  5. FFS! This is beyond reasonable. You make serious accusations ishkhan, yet instead of providing evidence, you resort to silly comments and attempts at baiting.
  6. Yes you are a real artist, I proved that you and some cheaters look closely at the video I watched you every lap last night ishkhan and the only one using exploits was you mate. You cut the corner on the end of the second straight at Yas Marina like a pro. 
  7. Thanks Charger mate. Great thread. Fun indeed. Looking forward to the Legend cup series this weekend. ;)
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