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  1. im running  aero 8/7 , brakes 50/50 high/standard , balance 2/3 , suspension 2/2/2/3,  alignment default setting. i find high downforce gives you better grip and stops you spinning the rear tyres up. im racing on proffesional level with a wheel set up, hope this helps, cheers. 
  2. how much am i now enjoying the racing and ai in this game now !! i have previously been quite vocal on here about how i thought the ai was not suffering tyre wear and there by spoiling the racing , but oh my how wrong i was....thanks to set up advice by you guys i am now enjoying this game and having some of the best races i ve had in codies f1 series so far.   the handling is now feeling the best yet and im loving the feel of these new cars. if f1 2015 is similar and hope , hope , even better . then we are in for a real treat when it releases and im now sure the f1 genre is in safe hands
  3. So because you are too slow you want to return your copy? Sounds about right, turn the difficulty down or get faster, the AI are probably the best they have ever been in terms of speed and I'm sure no tyre wear adds to their speed which is good, it means I can actually have a decent race with legend AI TL:DR Get faster or turn the difficulty down. i want realistic racing not just doing hotlaps!!!!!!
  4. very good point but i feel it will fall on deaf ears where codies are concerned............codemasters indeed....what a joke !!
  5. decrease in lap times is whats needed , i was having some good racing at the start of the grand prix then as my tyres started to wear the Ai  i was racing with shot off into the distance and the cars that were 3-5 seconds behind me caught me up , overtook and then dissapeared down the road ..........broken !!!!
  6. no your not i have also mentioned it as a game breaking bug as we cannot race the Ai......as i have also stated in a racing game this is unacceptable.
  7. Ai not suffering tyre wear is a real game breaking bug, it means we are unable to race with them ( that in a racing game is unbeleivable and not acceptable) if this is not sorted then we should all return our copies of the game because under consumer law this product is not fit for purpose....in its current state. can we have confirmation the devs are aware of this problem and are looking into it.
  8. i totally agree , what an absolute joke they call themselves CODEMASTERS..
  9. how can you say its understandable that codies have focused their attention on f1 2015 and gave us this effort , they still charged us £40 !!!  if it was £15-£20 i could understand it being a DLC stop gap till next gen but they charged us full price it should be a polished f1 racer............some hope of that from CODEMASTERS....really is a joke they call themselves that.
  10. Really everyone do we honestly believe that f1 2015 will be an improvement in any way ( apart from graphics) over the last 5 years crop of  f1 games from codies , theyve had 5 years to give us a great f1 title and their still churning out broken bugfests , seriously to give us these bugs and dodgy Ai yet again with probly the least amount of work they ve put into one of their titles they still couldnt test it properly ......!!    Are we expecting any better next year , the games been out only a week and the forums filling up with talk of the next gen game allready instead o
  11. wow pre owned versions available allready ? is it that bad...
  12. any wheel settings advice  or similar to 2013?
  13. hi all i managed to resist buying f1 2014 at release , would like some advice from those who have purchased the game , are you happy or are you regretting buying ???? ps i have fanatec csr wheel and clubsport pedals set up on xbox 360
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