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  1. TeenierNeilb69

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    Will try and make todays F1 race, I'm a bit confused though as the headline orange banner states F2 2020? (Is this a special round) @BarryBL
  2. TeenierNeilb69

    Patch 1.13 | Notes

    I know the intent was good, but I feel it is very much too sensitive. See here from my AOR league race last night at 38:25. I rolled the corner with no attempt to gain an advantage
  3. TeenierNeilb69

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    RP please, as good as a Black Merc
  4. TeenierNeilb69

    1.13 patch is out

    Did it get very dark and gloomy with this patch? Just done about 10 ranked and unranked mp races and all were very gloomy. anybody else seeing this with patch 1.13? I’m on PC
  5. Turn your FPS counter off. This is typically an application overlay
  6. Probably “next patch” but sadly that is probably “down the line” only jesting
  7. I think they’re saying you can use another assist without a penalty. but as I use no assists at all (I don’t need the DRS or Fuel Assist) I find both of these a handicap lets just hope they get it fixed pronto.
  8. hey @BarryBL, what’s that post on facebook mean? is it a workaround? Or diversion tactics to keep us busy
  9. @BarryBL Agree, still there for the esports event italy. PC. Tested 8pm Monday 05-oct-2020
  10. TeenierNeilb69

    Fuel assist activating bug

    With developers already. See other bug. planned fix? @BarryBL as it knobbles the flagship esport october qualifying event so it probably should be high priority for next patch or at least a hotfix
  11. Same bug with Developers already
  12. TeenierNeilb69

    When will online be fixed?

    Like a balloon, squeeze it in one place it bulges in another.
  13. TeenierNeilb69

    When will online be fixed?

    I saw this and let out an involuntary laugh.