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  1. An update from me. I did some TT at Silverstone last night and set new fast times and didn’t see the frame rate stalls as I saw at Zandvoort and a few other tracks. whether something has been resolved in the Online services or it’s a track specific issue, couldn’t say. a comment from Codemasters would be appreciated as this is/was clearly a widespread issue @BarryBL
  2. TeenierNeilb69

    Time Trials Bug

    Try reading existing bugs. Already reported by many. 1. please look through existing bugs (use search and key words like Time Trial, you’d find many) before raising new, and add to those. Who knows these other bugs may even suggest a solution 2. If do think it warrants a new bug follow the template as requested otherwise your post WILL be deleted. We need help from Codemasters, please help them by following the bug posting rules and template as they have requested.
  3. TeenierNeilb69

    Vietnam crashing in TT

    Same as this, please search existing bugs before starting new. Use the search and put some key words like Time Trial Crash
  4. TeenierNeilb69

    Time trial Zandvoort crash report

    It happened to me on Monday and Tuesday and others since.
  5. TeenierNeilb69

    Graphics are over exposed / washed out

    Good video, plenty of effort to put that together. Were the video with the same / comparable settings? (Defaults? And which Ultra High?)
  6. TeenierNeilb69

    Time trial Zandvoort crash report

    I concur, turning Steam overlap seemed to stop the crashes for me too as reported elsewhere. still getting the significant frame rate freeze that previously resulted in the ego dumper. the steam overlay interaction seem related, but perhaps not the whole issue.
  7. TeenierNeilb69

    F1 2020 | NVIDIA Drivers - PC

    And I paid for the privilege of trying to help codemasters get to the bottom of these issues (as most of us did) Please don’t forget this.
  8. TeenierNeilb69

    F1 2020 | NVIDIA Drivers - PC

    I fully agree. Trying to tie it to Nvidia fully is flawed thinking. (An easy scape goat) my point being (by clearly Stating I’m AMD) lets not blame a third party (NVIDIA)when the issue is likely much closer to home. i fully understand that multiple things may cause the ego dumper crash. Lets not conflate causes with he same effect.
  9. TeenierNeilb69

    F1 2020 | NVIDIA Drivers - PC

    I’m AMD so I don’t think the ego dumper after(during) TT new fastest lap is fully an Nvidia thing.
  10. TeenierNeilb69

    Time Trial Bug Crash Zandvoort

    I’m going to keep cross linking these until they get tagged. many similar and related reports
  11. I reckon this sounds very similar but xbox 1.02 now
  12. TeenierNeilb69

    Time Trial Bug Crash Zandvoort

    Sound very much like the PC ego dumper crash issue just after you set a new personal TT lap There are already multiple reports of this for PC