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  1. @BarryBL suggest this issue makes it to known issues or similar. As it’s something coming forward from 2020. Not that anyone looks at known issues or FAQ I guess. may not specifically be a game issue more W10, but if it manifests itself in a game feature perhaps a reference to it would be advised.
  2. Try this, appears to be the same. disable any other application overlays, fps indicators, discord, anything
  3. A funny similar thing in F1 2020 and it was due to an overlay transparency issue from Discord I believe. check you don’t have something enable like that. I shall try and find the thread and link it here
  4. Will try and make today. Had a day off after a busy start to the year.
  5. Will try and make todays F1 race, I'm a bit confused though as the headline orange banner states F2 2020? (Is this a special round) @BarryBL
  6. Probably “next patch” but sadly that is probably “down the line” only jesting
  7. I’ll add to this post @BarryBL but it may or may not be related A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I finished a multipler race in 6th on the same lap as the leader and with no penalties . I completed 29 laps at Bahrain on a 50% MP unranked game. Note at the end of the race it classified me as 12th then 7th too (also wrong). Please note Alastre who was classified 6th had disconnected early in the race and had been AI for most of that race. Platform. PC What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start s
  8. Checked back though my video. Baku potentially but very marginal that did look very Bottas like others I didn’t see anything. but I have seen what clearly appears to be jump starts of 1 second a few times in unranked and it has been the host each time.
  9. No specific evidence, but I’ve seen this numerous time in our unranked races (so probably in my race videos) You’ll know what settings we use on a Friday @BarryBL catching up while watching Mugello FP1.
  10. 52 posts mentioning NM14 since 06-Jul-2020 (release date) And the annoying weekly event race is the worst. The issue has been there since release and it’s much worse than 2019 in my opinion
  11. So to summarise this, unless I misunderstand. With steering assist enabled you cannot make your mandatory pitstop unless you perform a complete fudge of a workaround by temporarily switching steering assist off to allow you to go to pit. Then switching it on again. Does just selecting pit this lap (with steering assist enabled) let you pit? If not, to claim this is “by design” your designers/developers must be having a giraffe. Perhaps a better tag would be “Bug acknowledged but will not be fixed in F1 2020 based on workaround and not being a complete game breaker” or somet
  12. Possibly similar, but could also be a result of the Steam 1.03 to 1.05 patch. After qualifying in the weekly event I was in the top 10% at least. On Sunday I can’t get into the race due to KMR4 error (see bug elsewhere) today I get my email showing I got 0 points in the weekly event. Doesn’t sound correct
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