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  1. In a 50% multiplayer race at Abu Dhabi, the SC deployed as a result of me running very wide at turn 2. I didn’t hit anything and continued with no problem. SC Deployment trigger defo appears to be very over sensitive.
  2. TeenierNeilb69

    Hotfix for 1.18.2 Released- PC Only

    And it’s patch note not notes
  3. TeenierNeilb69

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    Beta seems to work for me, at least in TT. I’m AMD though. Never had the problem of DX12 crashing, but good to know the beta branch doesn’t make things worse for me.
  4. TeenierNeilb69


    I support Codemasters 100%
  5. TeenierNeilb69


    Codemasters Evil Boss : You have two options @Faya @Faya : Yes, what are those Boss? Codemasters Evil Boss : Option A, remain as F1 community coordinator, or Option B @Faya : Option B, B, B. good luck with Option B @Faya
  6. Seconded, it’s the lack of feedback that frustrates. A formal bug reporting system , tech support tickets etc would go some way towards that. Why should software be any different to a Logitech mouse or headset. I accept even Logitech might not be able to fix an inherent design flaw until a future release, but at least there is a formal way to lodge a complaint. this forums approach just doesn’t cut it.
  7. TeenierNeilb69

    Graphical glitches DLSS 1.07 update

    Looks like full white not clamped to max. They’re wrapping their brightness number back to 0 somehow , (i.e. very dark.)
  8. Just crossed the line in 2nd and see screenshot Oh and during the race I pitted for Inters and it didn't put inters on just medium again and if it helps I had to wait for team mate in pits and I also served a 5 second time penalty at the stop due to previous pit lane entry speeding. Also note, no driver names on the position totem pole. I sent crash report
  9. TeenierNeilb69

    Logitech G29 on F1 2019 PC help.

    Is your G29 pc/ps4 selector switch set for PC? i opened mine once and the button snapped away, very easy to do. the little green LED should be on. Check and confirm https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360023181054
  10. TeenierNeilb69

    Patch Notes for 1.06 – Discussion Thread

    How’s about PC, Windows 10 show me two PCs in the world with exactly the same hardware, software and configuration after it has been switched on after shipping from the factory. Too many variables. not an answer but it’s the reason.
  11. TeenierNeilb69

    Patch Notes for 1.06 – Discussion Thread

    So latest AMD driver is at least a month behind current AMD I believe. should we be downgrading to the quoted build if already at a higher build @Faya ? oh by the way, i’m running AMD 19.7.2 and it’s running fine
  12. TeenierNeilb69

    High Memory speeds causes my game to crash

    So it may be for you. I have 8gb, not a stutter in sight. what is your base memory use before you start the game?
  13. Week 4, Hockenheim. So I get all purples in Practice. at the end of session p3 I get option to Advance to Qualifying or Exit. I didn’t want to progress to Qualifying at that time so I selected Exit and all practice progress appears to be lost and I can’t redo Practice either. What should I have done? Neil Bywater38 on steam if Codies would be kind enough to have a look what happened to my results.
  14. Same here at Monaco just now 1:00pm Second attempt the same 3:00pm third time lucky at 4:00pm DX diag attached DxDiag_20_Jul_2019.txt
  15. TeenierNeilb69

    Event - player [Removed]

    Generally some “a” holes out there wanting to spoil racing. get yourself in a proper league such as AOR among others