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  1. I was leading the F2 feature race in Austria, when I had an engine failure. Not only did it cost me the victory, but i had to start last for the sprint race. It means i’ve lost the lead of the F2 championship, but in a way, it’s exciting and realistic and I don’t have an issue with it! Was refreshing to try and race up the grid to try and rescue a point. i’m hoping they may add more issues in the future, like a brake by wire issue that means you have to brake a lot earlier into corners, or even gravel getting stuck in the sidepods if you run wide, that needs a pitstop to clear?
  2. Hi everyone, Not sure if this is correct? Every race i’ve seen of F2 has the Feature race on Sunday before the F1 Grand Prix. (Obviously this year has a completely different format with 2 sprint races). Is this just a simple fix or is this intended? Thought it was worth raising!
  3. Excellent idea! Rather than automatically having the upgrades for the new season, you should have to run some specific practice-style programs to unlock the upgrade so if you do not complete it, the upgrade fails. i would love to extend this idea further by having flo-viz paint and aero rakes on the car for each type of upgrade to really allow the player to immerse themselves. As long as the sponsors on the car were clearly visible under the paint and the main car design was untouched, i think this would be fantastic. we need pre-season in next year’s game!!
  4. Hi guys, loved the new Features Trailer yesterday! Does anyone know if the driver’s press conference location will be in the career and MyTeam modes as well or just Braking Point? I think this would be a perfect place for the press interview questions to take place from time to time before a race weekend as your player sits alongside other drivers. Would definitely be more immersive and would freshen up the questions if someone like Coulthard or Crofty could ask questions, especially as both are in the game now and so the interviews in real life. I couldn’t determ
  5. Hi everyone, Like I am sure you guys have done, i’ve been busy watching some gameplay videos of the new F1 2021 game. One thing I’ve noticed is that in wet weather races, the crew on the grid pre-race all have short sleeve shirts on despite the rainfall. I know they have umbrellas up but there are still a lot of animated scenes where the crew or race sponsors/media are just walking around getting soaked in short sleeves! I’m sure on a previous game (possibly F1 2019), the team personnel would wear rain coats. Is that a feature that can return as it looks a bit odd currently? It l
  6. Hi guys, One thing i’ve seen that is new this year is that the teams do not choose their tyre allocation for the race weekends. Usually they choose 8 weeks in advance, however it seems this year, Pirelli determine the allocations for them. Do you think this mandatory tyre allocation will be in the new game, or will we still be able to pick our allocation from the three choices before the race weekend? I hope this little change is included as it should be fairly easy to make sure all teams have the same tyre allocations, but is also something that could be easily missed
  7. Absolutely! I hope this gets included in the discussions for the next game, I don’t know how complicated it is to introduce this feature, but it would certainly be a welxome addition! 😊 thank you for agreeing!
  8. Suggestion In previous F1 games (I think before Codemasters), there was always an option to change the grid order for a race in a Grand Prix-style mode. The most recent example i can think of was F1 2006 (see below). You could move drivers to any starting position for the race, which was great because you could arrange the drivers into the same order as a real-life race and reenact it. Rationale I've always thought this would be a great option to reintroduce to the series, particularly as we have had so many good races recently. How cool would it be to set the grid up like
  9. Yeah, they’ve had a lot of responses pver this bit there’s a patch being tested it seems, should hopefully be out next week. It’s frustrating but hopefully not too much longer to wait!
  10. I had this issue, but when i logged back onto the game the next day, it was sorted. Strange though
  11. @BarryBL Is this problem now fixed with the release of the xbox patch 1.03 or are we still waiting for a fix? The patch notes for 1.03 mentioned penalties in a safety car period were resolved but it’s unclear if this means the mandatory tyre disqualification?
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