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  1. Thorne92

    Customise the grid order in Grand Prix Mode

    Absolutely! I hope this gets included in the discussions for the next game, I don’t know how complicated it is to introduce this feature, but it would certainly be a welxome addition! 😊 thank you for agreeing!
  2. @nas00 absolutely agree! This would make a brilliant addition to the game!
  3. @Nas00 thanks, i’m glad you agree! I’m sorry I didn’t see your suggestion on here from yesterday, i’ll be sure to check it out now!
  4. Thorne92

    Changes to Post-Race Scenes

    Suggestion: This may already be in the works as i know Codemasters are keen to freshen up the animations, etc after a few years of similar looking things, but the post-race scenes that play out could be changed up to make for a more authentic experience. Having said this, the new podium celebrations have been absolutely brilliant to see, so a big thanks before this for implementing these! My suggestion is that if you qualify or finish the race in the top 3, you are interviewed immediately after getting out of the car in parc-ferme (or on the grid for qualifying as they park on the pit straight now), either by Claire or Will Buxton. It would also be amazing to see the pit straights flooded with fans, flags, banners, etc after a race and you are on the podium. At the moment, we see the pit crew below the podium and the celebrations, but it would be awesome to see the fans up and down the main straight, just like they do at Monza for Ferrari and Britain. My final suggestion in this section would be national anthems and trophies to reflect the real life ones. National anthems are always brought up so i won't discuss this too much, but trophies such as Sir Jack Brabham's wheel at Australia (i'm sure this was on the game once?) and the Austrian layout trophy at Austria would be awesome, even those weird gorilla ones in France last year would be cool! Rationale: As mentioned above, the post-race scenes are a symbol of all of your hard work in the race weekend, so it would be great to be rewarded with a decent cut-scene of these things above. I feel across all sports games, this is an area which really lets sports games down. FIFA and PES poth have such poor scenes for the trophy celebrations, but i feel like the F1 games could really push this to make this so special. The podium celebrations in this year's game certainly works so to flesh this out even more with the atmospheres you see at Monza for example, would be amazing and really provide that authenticity that i think lacks slightly on the podium at the moment. How would this work? Interviews after qualifying and the race: These could be altered to asking you specific questions regarding the session. For example, after qualifying, you may be asked where you found the pace from (answers can influence departments) or where you can finish the race tomorrow (affect your driver acclaim if you achieve this or not). After a race, these will likely make sense to stay similar to what they are now, where you are asked about your performance throughout the race and any noteworthy moments. Trophies - I'm not sure if there are restrictions on what trophies can be used, but it would be great to see all of the official ones in the game, or at least some fresh ones which can be displayed in a trophy cabinet at your teams headquarters. I'm 99% certain on old F1 games, you could view the trophies you won glistening on a little turntable and really see them up close, so something like that in the Showroom tab once you win them on your Career mode would be good too. Would love to hear your thoughts below!
  5. Suggestion In modern day F1, we are about to witness many records being broken with Lewis Hamilton. Most Grand Prix wins, probably most driver's titles next year, plus he already has 90 pole positions at the time of writing. Mercedes also look like winning 7 driver-constructor titles in a row. So what would be a great addition to the series would be some of these records implemented into the game that you can aim for. Rationale Other sports games which include historical records in your Career mode do this very well. My mind drifts to football management games, where stats for players and teams are always present up until the start of a season, but can go in different directions depending on how you play the game. F1 has a lot of records which are due to be broken over the next 12 months, so this would be a perfect time to include some of them in the game for players to aim for. This would also add great replay-ability to Career modes over 10 seasons if you are striving to become the greatest ever driver or team and could shape interview questions or sponsorship deals as you get closer to the records. At the moment, each circuit has a lap record included on the circuit layout screen (Pedro De La Rosa holds so many from 2004!), so this could be fleshed out with more records across the entire season. You could also be able to see where you rank amongst F1's greatest, with a "History" screen dedicated to a list of Grand Prix winners and how many races they won, and you could see your name rise through the list as you win more. The same for Championships (both driver and constructor), as well as laps led, pole positions, etc. To date there are around 100 race winners, and 32 world champions, so the data to implement these into the game is quite low i guess? How would this work? F1 records could be correct as of the start of a new F1 season (e.g 2021 season for the next game). Each time Hamilton or Vettel or whoever wins a race, they get those records added to their existing records. For example, if Lewis has 92 Grand Prix wins at the start of the 2021 season in real life and wins 7 in your career mode season 1, then his total simply increases by 7 to 99. This would be awesome because you have something to aim for to become the best in the sport and in it's history during your career mode. The same could apply to pole positions and championships, maybe even fastest laps in the race which i know Hamilton has a lot of too. But these records could also stretch to less prominent ones, such as front row starts, most wins at one circuit, or if the official track record gets broken (i know the track records are in the game already, so this could change if broken throughout your Career mode to you or whoever broke it). Below are a list of records which could be included and could change depending on how your career mode develops: Drivers Championships Constructor Championships Pole Positions Front-row lockouts (Team only) Fastest Laps Laps Led Most wins at each circuit on the season's calendar in history (e.g Hamilton - 8 times at Hungaroring) Sequences - such as consecutive Grand Prix wins/Pole positions in a row, as well as Driver/Constructor Championships Obviously this is a huge amount of work to implement, especially with a new generation of consoles on the horizon, but i feel like the F1 community on these forums is certainly strong enough to support this and help complete the research aspect of gathering records for Codemasters to look through and determine what works and what does not. I'm sure the FOM could even provide the records and would be happy to see these in the game for players to challenge as they become broken in real life. It could even be the selling point for the new game in 2021? Slogan: "F1 2021: Records are there to be broken" With so many records due to be broken, wouldn't this be the perfect time to include these going forward? I would love to hear your thoughts below!
  6. Suggestion In previous F1 games (I think before Codemasters), there was always an option to change the grid order for a race in a Grand Prix-style mode. The most recent example i can think of was F1 2006 (see below). You could move drivers to any starting position for the race, which was great because you could arrange the drivers into the same order as a real-life race and reenact it. Rationale I've always thought this would be a great option to reintroduce to the series, particularly as we have had so many good races recently. How cool would it be to set the grid up like it was in Germany 2019 or put 2/3 front-running cars out of position and in the pack and race through with them? At the moment, you can skip qualifying to place yourself at the back, but it would be awesome to move everyone around and fully customise this! How would it work? If you chose this mode, the lap times could be made up as no qualifying would have took place and just simulated to look authentic. Or the time could simply read --/---/--- which i don't think would bother anyone either. Of course, this would work best in Grand Prix Mode, but it could also work in split-screen or multiplayer modes with friends! Would be great to get some of your thoughts on this!
  7. @BarryBL no problem mate, just tested this. Restarted the race and managed to complete with no issues in both MyTeam and normal Career modes. Seems like midsession saves will still have the issue but i’m glad i was able to start my careers!
  8. @BarryBL just installed patch 1.05 and the tyre disqualification is still occurring. However, i did have a midsession save on the race. I will restart the race from the beginning and see if it works, but thought i would let you know in case others report the same mate.
  9. He did in another comment underneath this one
  10. @BarryBL thanks for the update and the hard work! Glad my career mode will be able to continue!
  11. The above things are way more important right now as people cannot even play the game currently. The liveries will be here very soon i reckon.
  12. Thorne92

    DSQ from Tyre Change Master Thread

    Yeah, they’ve had a lot of responses pver this bit there’s a patch being tested it seems, should hopefully be out next week. It’s frustrating but hopefully not too much longer to wait!
  13. I had this issue, but when i logged back onto the game the next day, it was sorted. Strange though
  14. Yeah this happens all of the time
  15. Thorne92

    DSQ from Tyre Change Master Thread

    @BarryBL Is this problem now fixed with the release of the xbox patch 1.03 or are we still waiting for a fix? The patch notes for 1.03 mentioned penalties in a safety car period were resolved but it’s unclear if this means the mandatory tyre disqualification?