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  1. TonaZ

    HDR yes or no?

    Hello! As topic title, new Grid have HDR? Thanks
  2. TonaZ

    Some pre-buy questions

    i think i'll do this way indeed. thanks everybody!
  3. TonaZ

    Some pre-buy questions

    I confirm u that dfgt works in dr2
  4. TonaZ

    Some pre-buy questions

    Problem here is that with windows 10, videogames developers can write some registry keys making specific gaming devices work and others don't. I.E. in Forza Horizon my old Thrustmaster didn't worked. With a registry hack it did. I have a precise idea why they do it, but i don't want to talk about this here and now..
  5. TonaZ

    Some pre-buy questions

    Yes i confirm you are right, the SW is the same, Logitech Profiler. That's why i also assume the same about it will work, but you know... before spending 90 euros for the ultimate edition, a confirmation would be very very appreciated. I think i will stick with my ol' DFGT for next 2 years, it really does a good job.
  6. TonaZ

    Some pre-buy questions

    Any dev? I need a confirmation before buy.
  7. TonaZ

    Some pre-buy questions

    😄 got it about pov. i asked about dfgt couse this http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/09/grid-wheel-support-all-the-details-you-need/
  8. I would like to buy GRID but i need some info first, i hope devs or users could help me. 1. Unfortunately i do not see the Logitech Driving Force GT (aka DFGT) listed. Will it be NOT supported for real???!!! 2. I know there will be a FOV slider adjustment. What about the POV (seat position)? Thanks in advance
  9. TonaZ

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Yes i have something to ask. Do you have there at Codies some device to skip time 7 days?
  10. TonaZ

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hey!! I looked at a lot of gameplay videos, most of them are chase cameras and cockpit with wheel and pilot's hands, and i found only one with the Dash cam (not cockpit, i mean the one a little bit closer to the windshield, without the steeringwheel). Can anyone confirm there is the dash cam? and Codies, will it be customisable, like FOV and-or position? Thanks a lot!
  11. ...and it's supposed to be compatible.. meh
  12. TonaZ

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Supported Peripherals List

    Actually DFGT works, but not the FFB. Infact the only settings that changes something are: self-aligning traction crash all the others settings don't change nothing. shame. i think still thousand players have DFGT