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  1. Hello everybody! I would like to pre-order PCars3 on Steam, but i would like to know if using VR (Oculus) i can launch the game using the Oculus API directly, and NOT through SteamVR. Naturally, because of the performance: Oculus headsets doesn't run in the best way in SteamVR APIs, they are made for Oculus ones. Maybe a word from Ian or anyone else developing @ Codies. Thanks a lot!
  2. 4 june 2020, still stupid double eye spectator... THE ONLY GAME I OWN THAT IS SO IDIOT.
  3. TonaZ

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Yes i have something to ask. Do you have there at Codies some device to skip time 7 days?
  4. TonaZ

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hey!! I looked at a lot of gameplay videos, most of them are chase cameras and cockpit with wheel and pilot's hands, and i found only one with the Dash cam (not cockpit, i mean the one a little bit closer to the windshield, without the steeringwheel). Can anyone confirm there is the dash cam? and Codies, will it be customisable, like FOV and-or position? Thanks a lot!