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  1. thanks for the latest patch. now this trophy/achievement works fine. i get it last wednesday. i was bronze 49 and take it to silver 1 than it makes pling on PS4 and Trophy appears. great work. but there will be another glitched trophy - Featured Race @Faya @Hoo
  2. ritti1987

    Paul Ricard Got "Laserscanned"?

    hahaha....paul ricard circuit doesn't have the right pit entry. it's almost 2018 version.
  3. ritti1987

    Is day one patch on June 25 or June 28?

    Playstation Version 1.03 was downloadable with 15GB
  4. is it right, that when I create a league with the real F1 2019 cars, that i can't create another league with the same cars? It's only possible to create one with F1 2019 cars and the other one with multiplayer cars. In my two leagues where i'm driving it's not possible for me to be the onwer. But in my Leagues i'm the host with the beste internet. also its not possible to deactivate the AI Substitutions. Please fix it as soon as possible. also a question. is it possible for backup drivers to join a league? not everyone can drive every race so the backup driver will replace the one who can't drive.