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  1. i think no one of the esport people have to know how a f1 car feels on track. the only feedback that would help is from F1 drivers generation that play this game to. like Norris, Ocon, Leclerc
  2. Whether the tracks were used or not does not matter at first. It's more about the fact that the 3 tracks are missing and that game content has also been removed. But in the end you pay the same or a little more than in 2020 and you can't compensate for that with braking point. everyone uses the tracks differently, one more the other less, but I think the tracks would have been worth gold NOW to fill the racing calendar at least a little. especially with regard to online leagues.
  3. that's the biggest **** I've ever read. i have a volatile job from working hours and have family. when i'm free i use the time with my family and when they are out i use the time and play games. I still ride fairly, even though I have activated TC medium, ABS, automatic gearshift and ideal line. ERS and pit assistant are switched off by default simply because it is part of the process to brake for the pit yourself. So you shouldn't generalize because that's the biggest ******** you can say. If you can, you can only drive the ranking list if you drive without driving aids. That's pretty discrim
  4. I agree with that if you have the inclination and the time to practice driving without driving aids. But not everyone has the time they need for it. Then every year we cry about the fact that driving aids are so much faster is just ridiculous and that's what really mattered to me. I have probably expressed myself a bit misleadingly. Of course you are always faster and more thoughtful without driving aids, but there are people who either don't feel like driving or simply don't have the time to practice driving without driving aids. These people just want to have fun and race online nicely. But
  5. the same unnecessary discussion every year. Controller drivers are faster, people with driving aids are faster blah blah blah sorry guys i have to say something about that. Sometimes I ask myself whether the people who initiate such discussions even understand what driver assistance systems are for. these systems are there to be able to move a car as safely as possible for the less experienced. not everyone plays F1 all day but also has a life. but these people just want to drive fast and also want to have a chance against pros. here are 2 videos linked and in the first of these videos you can
  6. this whistling that you are talking about is the turbo whistling. This is completely normal in the real formula 1 and since this season it is a bit more audible. in my opinion a little too dominant in the game
  7. to be honest, I'm a little disappointed. You don't get any information about the new routes, they said they'll come later for that, I understand. What I don't understand is that the game is more like an expensive update. why do I say this so hard? we were deprived of content. there are no more classic cars AND the short tracks no longer exist. Bahrain, Japan, USA and what else was there are no longer there. We just have to say that this is the real scandal. We only have 20 tracks in the game and nothing more. I'm really disappointed about that.
  8. Hello JasonChong, first at all please use the right forum you posted your Bug to the previews games so nobody would see your problem. you finde it here: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/135-support/ than their is an info from Barry, that you can find here:
  9. Hello, can someone tell me why I can't play the PS5 version of the game? The following fact: I bought the Playstation 4 version of F1 2021. The upgrade to the PS5 is included, but if I want to select the version of the game as PS5 version in the Game Hub, the game always has a lock and I cannot start it. instead, I can only watch the game in the store. I'm a little irritated because the upgrade to Next Gen should actually be included. Is it possible that the upgrade will only be available from Friday July 16, 2021 when the game is supposed to be officially released? @Bar
  10. agree with you. I only have to compare the period of the code dispatch with the last beta phases and that was usually 1.5 - 2 weeks after the registration was completedBut 10,000 registrations is most likely more than ever so it could possibly take longer. well no matter we wait until you get in touch. The constant questioning and guessing doesn't bring anything anyway, except that it only delays everything. keep calm and wait. Rome was not built within one day either.
  11. i think we could hear something at the end of this week, but i expect it more in the middle or in the end of next week after the holidays next weekend but before anyone asks, we will be informed when the beta codes are sent
  12. wikipedia said, that the following games based on Ego Engine: v4.0 F1 2015 (2015) F1 2016 (2016) F1 2017 (2017) DiRT 4 (2017) F1 2018 (2018) F1 2019 Anniversary (2019) Dirt Rally 2.0 (2019) Grid (2019) F1 2020 (2020) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ego-Engine Dirt 5 based on a completly new developed Engine by Codemasters Cheshire
  13. which new layout do you mean? Turn 8 have always a new curb layout (longer curb) i think u mean the new layout of Turn 10 (after second DRS Zone) https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/decision-document/2021 Spanish Grand Prix - Circuit Map.pdf i guess that the new layout was known long enough (september / october?) so i think that this was also taken into account. But exactly @BarryBL can tell you something about it
  14. EA Sports....its....oh wait Codemasters F1 Ultimate Team
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