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  1. I've been thinking about some similar points you made. I'd sum it up by saying the mode needs more randomness and chaos both in-race and in-season. About the best sports game I can remember with management modes included was Fifa '10. I played it mostly on Wii and it had 5 (or 6? been a while) systems with 10 levels each. Each system upgrade reduced the random variability but didn't eliminate it. For example, poor scouts would rate a player between 55-75, but top tier scouts might reduce the confidence interval to between 58-62 potential. Better coaches increased potential gains (but again, only within a confidence interval range), etc. The basic model could be cut & pasted onto the F1 2020 system. Further to this, players had form which mediated performance and meant that even a highly rated player could be benched if they were really low on form. Obviously you won't bench a driver, but it would add extra variability to driver markets and trades, taking penalties to introduce new components or gearboxes. No team knows 100% what they're going to get out of their driver, and neither should we. You might pick up a cheap driver that drives out of their skin, or the opposite. A rough estimate of their form could be a known variable in their stats and be a component of the driver performance system. Why do I know how much performance I will gain from each upgrade prior to researching it? It should be a random upgrade and again, just confidence intervals provided on potential gains. Got stiffed on a major upgrade? Tough, that's life - hope you get a regulation change for next season. At the moment, the penalty / unknown is reliant only on the success of the upgrade, but if you don't get it the first time you are 100% certain to get it the following round. There should also be random vehicle failures for players - suspension, engine, tires, chassis. There could be a 'global' reliance factor which again could be moderated by your team's durability level / upgrade and item wear. I've always felt the reluctance to implement this was based more on perceived, rather than actual reception of it by players, but not even having it as an option which can be toggled is poor after so many years. Lastly, again more randomness with the events. Why do I know my 2nd driver will gain +5 of a stat before I send them off to training or that morale will increase x%? I get that some people are dead-set against RNG and I'll never change their mind, but without it the game is too predictable and it just becomes a grind going through the motions until I do x enough times that y occurs.