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  1. pattyboy27

    Discussion Thread for Patch Notes for 1.18

    Hi there, Wondering if there were any changes which should make my car now drive like a boat? Went from being consistently top 6-8 in races on 90 difficulty to being dead last on 85 last race I tested. My McLaren is roughly equal 3rd best with several teams in season 2 on PC (25% races); using the driving force GT wheel with ABS and full traction control. All of my settings appear to be rolled over, so no issue there but the biggest difference I've noticed is all of a sudden I'm not able to turn the car into corners using setups which have always worked. Not an issue if an increase in difficulty was intentional to give better players more of a challenge, it's the first patch I've actually noticed changes, but can't see where in the patch notes it would be due to. Regards, Pat.