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  1. Waiting for the day people stop expecting this is something Codies can do. It's been said time and time again (in so many words) you'll never see drivers driving for teams they don't drive for in real life. I think the very most you can hope for is drivers "retiring" and being replaced with made up names, or ones you can custom create, but even that's a stretch. Licensing, copyright, sponsorship, whatever it is (I don't know what's what), it ain't happening.
  2. mortengamst

    F1 2019 wishlist

    #1 very likely won't happen due to licensing limitations. # 2 and 3 would certainly be possible and a welcome addition # 6 and 7 I fully expect will be featured, 7 almost definitely, would be quite pointless if they've introduced F2 for it not to be part of the Career mode progression. #9 and 10 would be great but this sounds like a lot of money for them for licenses! #11 another good suggestion, don't see that that's hard to implement.