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  1. There is a way around it not an actual fix. Codies are still yet to patch it as far as I am aware. *this only works if you are running a custom control scheme* Set the standard control scheme Delete the custom control scheme Suctomise the standard control scheme to what you want and save as custom Issue should be resolved Let me know if you have the issue repeating
  2. Any moderators or developers got an update on this issue? I am still experiencing it with no way of having it fixed
  3. Wheel. Thrustmaster TX with Ferrari 2011 add on. I did also customise my button mapping as well.
  4. A detailed description of the issue. When trying to cycle through the menu items on the MFD it loads up the fuel/brake bias/differential/ers screen, but when I attempt to cycle it to the other screens it just vanishes as if I have cycled through them all. In addition, when I press the radio button, the menu flashes up then closes almost instantly, not allowing me to choose an option. Report Code PWDG-ATGK-AMBD-GDEG Platform? Xbox One Game-mode? My Team [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username,
  5. AAE F1 Super League Racing are looking for Xbox drivers to compete in their 2 leagues. Racing League runs on Wednesday nights @ 8pm UK time. (AI level on career 90-97) Super League runs on Thursday nights @ 8pm UK time. (AI level on career 98 and above) The Super League is currently running a 12 race calender with the tracks that are on F1 2020 game that appeared on the actual calender F1 ran this year. AAE F1 promotes fair, clean but hard racing between all drivers and have a thorough and comprehensive regulations document that all the competing drivers are adhere to. Nobody, even admins are
  6. Ive had the same box sat waiting for a week like it hasnt downloaded to the properly and im unable to use it
  7. Has anyone who plays or codies noticed that theres a glitch where a R&D box is taking up one of the slots but every time you try to open it you cannot and it just makes the noise that youve pressed it and then nothing? Means you essentially have only 2 slots to use unless you want to pay to go vip... Tried re-starting the game, my phone, different internet connections and still nothing has changed...
  8. AAE Formula 1 Racing League is looking for a commentator(s) to commentate on their first season that is starting soon on Xbox. No experience is necessary, but enthusiasm and reliability is crucial. The League is set to run on Wednesday nights @ 2000 (8pm) BST. Starting 4th November. There are 2 planned "pre season socials" the 2 preceding Wednesdays for you to try out and become familiar with the grid and commentating. If you are interested please comment or message me directly. Thank you https://www.facebook.com/groups/78
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