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  1. Yess! That is a good question! I'm in the masters RX championship and I can't even pick those Group B RX cars! So I can't even do anything to upgrade them! I hope they will do something about it...
  2. Well this is disapointing... and weird... you should be able to pick the category you like!
  3. It seems that we can't do a Group B RX career rallycross in my team. Is it a mistake or it's suppose to be that way?
  4. wait what??? I don't seem to understand what is confirmed??
  5. The implementation of head 2 head would also be amazing!!
  6. Thanks!! I'm hoping for the Fabia wrc😉
  7. When is the update? I want to see wich car will get a sound update!!
  8. I'm a little bummed out about the lack of sound update for the Fabia! I hope we will get it soon!
  9. The volvo👌👌👌 would be nice to see one of them in the game!
  10. Exactly what I am referring to!!
  11. Rally: For certain categories like (FWD H2, R2, Group A) the AI seems to be way too fast! They are doing World Record times. In group A, it seems to be different for each location (In new zealand there are no problems but in Poland, its nearly impossible). It's nice to have a challenge, but the AI in certain catagories need a fix. Rallycross: The cars that are not in your race are way too fast and the ones in your race are too slow. I don't know if anyone else can relate with this, but those are the problems that I seen.
  12. Are you aware of a fix for the AI in career mode?
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