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  1. Race Squad

    F1 2019

    Rating game: Developers undoubtedly need to disable the default car collision , since some players are engaged in what is simply gank (RAM) other players. There are also newcomers who, as they say: "they don't go themselves, and they don't give them to others." To finish the session safely, you need to win the qualification and be first on the starting grid. But you can only win qualifying and the race with disabled helpers, piloting so to speak live. The same goes with the assistants rivarossi players not to catch up ever! I think Codemasters should have separated these two groups of players, rather than mixing them all together. Weekly events: Starting your user career with a Mercedes or a Ferrari and setting the AI difficulty to 80 for example%, you can easily catch up and overtake your opponent's AI. But it's worth joining the weekly event or an Esports event, as things change before your eyes. The same 80% of AI complexity magically turns into 90 or even 100%. In the rain it is almost impossible to catch up with the opponent on this level of difficulty, since the developers have reduced the stability of your car in principle and increased the speed of AI pilots in these rainy conditions. It seems that the game is made on a hunch or as God put it on the soul. Damage to the front wing is hypersensitive to any contact and with the smallest damage, the loss of downforce is enormous. Being in front of you AI pilots before 90 degree angles going inside the trajectory, break your wing, while they do not get any damage, and even manage to overtake! Throughout the race, AI pilots move as if on rails and do not make a single mistake. They only have mechanical gatherings. When you collide with the AI like a stone remains on its trajectory and continues to move as if nothing had happened! Penalties: I think that this is an eternally painful and discussed topic by many. For everything, for everything without exception, whether online or local game, you always get fines. Check-in on the curb or Chicane-a fine! Developers cheated and now it is called "Left the track". Smart and most importantly there is nothing to find fault with! The AI crashed into you or rammed you - the penalty is not for it, but for you! What is the promised Codemasters realism-it is unclear. Anyway, the old game engine was much better and more realistic than the new one.
  2. Hi! Please support Defender Wheel MX-V9 Turbo (PC)
  3. 1. In Singapore, I drove 61 laps behind Vettel and He never made a mistake or changed the trajectory! 2. Music does not play during race replays! Dear creators, please fix these problems!
  4. It's the same thing every year! Is it really impossible to do all this at once, so as not to release then dozens of patches that do not fix almost anything. For 10 years, you have not been able to create a real car engine sound and realistic tyres. What kind of realism can we talk about?!
  5. Race Squad

    Patch 1.07

    Instead of changing the livery - it would be better to fix the physics of the car and set the real rules for online...
  6. Race Squad

    FIA rules and car damage

    1. The rules of the FIA says that the pilot defending against the enemy can maneuver in front of him only once. In your game AI maneuver constantly and it happens in the most dangerous sections of the route. All fines invariably be won by the player. 2. A small (cosmetic) wing damage in your game results in an almost complete loss of downforce. Please correct these two points.
  7. This patch has not fixed anything! What realism are we talking about? The stability of the player's car does not exist. What prevents you from doing as it was in F1 2018? You're artificially complicating the game. Your game is Arcade and it makes no sense to make it a bad simulator! Exemple: AI Lewis Hamilton. He hit me from behind and drove on as if nothing had happened! What is this? What realism are we talking about? https://youtu.be/2XMDTEDZ1pY