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  1. It's supposed to blow it's a test to teach you how to use the flashback hit the flashback button and rejon before it blows and you'll pass the test thanks for your reply.  You say hit the flashback before the tire blows?
  2. I'm Continually blowing a tire in the hairpin turn test for young driver in F1 2013. Any reason why?  Something I should different?
  3. My first experience with the F1 series and I'm looking forward to it. I just purchased a new F1 2013 DVD thru Amazon that says on the DVD box that it contains the Classic cars and tracks. It loaded fine, it seemed, and Steam recognised it and gave me the activation code to run the game. But the Steam Store downloadable content shows two (2) Classic addons for sale at $9.99 ea. It seems Steam didn't recognise the extra content. Or, the extra content didn't load on install. Or, the added content is'nt on the DVD after all. Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. Hi all. I just purchased F1 2010 thru Steam. I'm noticing a problem with making setup changes in-game with my F430 wheel. I need to change the input for the Accelerator and the Brake for my pedals. But when I highlight any of the control items, the Enter button doesn't cause the input line to accept a change. This area works fine with F1 2010 and Grid Autosport I have. And F1 2010 has recognised my wheel. I just can't get the options screen to go to "waiting" or whatever to make the change. Any ideas or answers will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  5. Good evening all. I just got a F430 Thrustmaster wheel that appears to work fine. My win 7/64 OS "sees" it. But the game doesn't "see" it. The wheel has no effect on the car. What do I do to get the game to recognize it? Please walk me thru the steps. I'm very much a newbee! Thanks
  6. I didn't make my question clear. I didn't mean the racing screen, I meant the screens for the setup areas before the racing.
  7. Does the game support using a mouse pointer on the interface screens; career and such. Or just the keyboard? thanks
  8. Thanks again for all the input. I found a Thrustmaster Ferrari f430 on Ebay for $89.00 with free shipping.
  9. thanks for the replies and the info.  these above can all be used with a PC?
  10. Hi all New here, but not to game forums. i'm looking for an affordable (under $100) steering wheel (and pedals if possible) for Grid Autosport through Steam and run on PC with Windows 7/64. I was looking at SRW-S1, but it looks not to be supported. Any help will be greatly appreciated! thanks
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