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  1. pomaranc747

    Known Issues - UPDATED 05/05/2015

    I can't hear co driver over the engine sound, I have engine sound turned down to minimum but I still can't hear pacenotes well, especially in 80s cars and newer.
  2. pomaranc747

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Actually that is realistic and a lot of crashes happen that way in real life.
  3. pomaranc747

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Degrees of rotation and gearbox type automatically changing depending on the car would be amazing feature. Also ability to move camera and FOV slider that actually tells you what FOV you have would be nice :smiley:  I would also love to see ouninpohja but 34km is probably too much :smiley:  Also it would be amazing if there was option to mod at least co driver, I was using the same modded one in RBR for years and I have hard time paying attention to this one, don't get me wrong this game has best co driver from all the rally games but I am just not used to him :smile: 
  4. pomaranc747

    I wont to play Dirt 3

    I used skidrow one, worked fine. BTW I OWN THE GAME.
  5. pomaranc747

    New to Dirt 3

    I used skidrow one, worked fine. BTW I OWN THE GAME.
  6. pomaranc747

    Why is GFWL still in DiRT 3?

    Never because codemasters are bunch of A-holes who don't care about customers.
  7. pomaranc747

    Random Stuttering Makes Game Unplayable

    There is no fix, if you want to play SP you can download cracked version (because stutering is caused by DRM) but if you want MP there is no solution :(
  8. pomaranc747

    DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ

    I just realised that you are releasing new F1 game every year but fixing one problem with D3 is taking you more, seriously guys you are worse than EA.
  9. pomaranc747

    Random Stuttering Makes Game Unplayable

    It is DRMs fault, cracked versions work fine, they promised fix one  YEAR!!!! ago but still nothing...
  10. Well they promised GFWL removal a year ago, and I and a lot of other players prefer working games instead of new ones that are not working. I really an sick and tired of paying for games that are not working just because I legaly bought them.
  11. There have been a lot of post about that alredy...
  12. Agree, it is sad how CMR2 is the best working game from codemasters right now, I am definitely not buying anything from codemaster until they start fixing games they already released instead of making new games that are equally as broken.
  13. pomaranc747

    DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ

    Come on fella that's not fair the game still works and runs.  No it does not! I have terrible framerate and imput stuttering issues caused by DRM.
  14. pomaranc747

    Can't play the game bacause of DRM...

    Yeah I wrote to codemasters tech support and what they said to me didn't even make sence, and about that GFWL removal, I don't think it is ever going to happen, why would they do it? We alredy gave them money for the game so the don't need to fix it, also they are too busy making the same games over and over again and also making the cockipt view as 90s as possible...
  15. So I have bought Dirt 3 on steam but I had terrible FPS and the wheel was stuttering. After a while of searching on the internet I found someone that said that it is caused by GFWL and that cracked version vorks fine. So I tried it (I hope that this is not a problem since I own the game) and it works, on steam version I had 20-30FPS on any settings but on "pirated" I had 60+ on medium/high settings and the stuttering was gone as well. You said that GFWL will be removed in june but it is more than 3 months now and still nothing. And this is not the first time I (and a lot of other players) had problem with your games. Toca3 and CMR5 are not working on newer OS, GRID and DIRT showdown are not working for me either (blackscreen) Only games that are working fine for me are CMR2, F1-2012 and DIRT2, Thats 3 games out of  8!!!! Serioulsy you should start to listen to your customers and fix your games before releasing new ones because I see no point in buying game if there is only small chance that it will work...