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  1. CorporalGeriki


    naja  bisschen laggy  passiert  ich bin mal in die pitlane geflogen als ich die letzte schikane zu viel mitgenommen habe
  2. CorporalGeriki

    important question

    I have a thrustmaster t80, ferrari style i think. so, i looked at the t500 f1 add on and i was thinking is it possible to put that on instead of the wheel of the t80?? 
  3. CorporalGeriki

    Just a quick question

    So, i got f1 2012 and i kinda need a new wheel. i got the thrustmaster ferrari gt, and i was wondering would it be possible to just stick on the t500 f1  thing from thrustmaster, since they are the same brand. 
  4. CorporalGeriki

    Some suggestions

    Oh and i forgot, can you add the beeps aswell, like the thing in real life, so that you know when its best to change gear for the engine
  5. CorporalGeriki

    Some suggestions

    Well i only have F1 2012 but i buy a new F1 game every 2 years or so. but i do play it with friends and watch it on youtube  and this is why i will not buy it this year, i will wait for f1 2015 to come out and i hope you can improve all points below, please i love the game and i love what you have done so far, so please continue The thing is i would like to see the option "practice" so that you can decide how much fuel you use, tire wear, etc. So it would be like a time trial, just more realistic Also i would like to explore other tracks, which have been taken off the calendar or which have not been used due to the history (Imola, or Indianapolis) and which you can also make a propper practice session on without having to make a quick race or career to do so. Also for the advanced wheel settings the explanation of each should be under it so that i dont have to research it on the internet. Sometimes i dont like the design of a car, so would it be possible to make a skin creation center for the cars, like design it / decide what stuff goes on it, what patterns, etc. Most of the time i have problems with calibrating my steering wheel (which is a Thrustmaster2000... whatever...) and the pedals aswell, could you like design/make a steering wheel which is suited for the game, or suggest one. and also make suggestions to the advanced wheel settings, like make 3 settings    for a race course with lots of corners make the steering more, and for monza or so make the steering less. Oh by the way i am sorry for my english its terrible, i can speak it but my writing is just awful. Music:  title music should be   Lost but won from the film Rush  ( because it would be awesome) or make in settings like a choice from which you can choose from. graphic: no need to improve but its always good to keep trying. AI's    THEY ARE FUCKING TERRIBLE  STILLL!!!!!!!!!!   they need to be more agressive   they are slightly better, but still alot more risks need to be taken by them Engineer needs to talk more, like what to do to preserve tires  to fuel save etc.   more tutorials in game maybe for the less developed driver (noobs) Dynamic weather is crap  it needs to be MORE DYNAMIC!!!!!!!   by the way good improvement now the inters are actually used , not like in the previous games. Good on temperature of car, good on temp. of tires, good on basically everything apart from the few points above which can be done, hopefully, easily. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you can at least take some of these into consideration.