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  1. Icecream76

    Qualifying tyre pressure

    rules on tyre pressure are the same as everything else under parc ferme.. only if there is rain before the race (qualify in dry and race start is wet) are they allowed to change
  2. Icecream76

    Mexico track accuracy

    did you know their "in-house" simulators are rFactor II PRO that's my useless fact for the day done. that does raise a perfectly good question.... why doesn't FOM give the lazer scanned data to codies? surely that's covered in the F1 licence.
  3. Icecream76

    When is best time to change components?

    you can change parts any time you want ..as long as its not after you leave the garage for the 1st time in qualify or the race. you can use engine 1 in fp1 ..engine 2 in fp2 and engine 3 in fp3 if you want. But as soon as you leave the garage for qualifying.. even if you dont set a time, you must use what you have currently in the car.
  4. Icecream76

    R&D in career help

    in real life.. teams use FP1 to dial the basic setup in.. the 1st R&D is (probably still is) sight laps ..where you make sure you are hitting the right apexes (apexses? apexi?) at roughly the correct speeds. 2nd one is (I believe) the tyre wear test.. make sure you are not slipping and sliding a lot or over spinning them (its to make sure you aren't overheating them). 3rd one is ERS test .. they know all this from sims anyway so nfi why they would do this... its really so u can practice dropping it to 1 or 0 on the end of straights and get the most out of charging. 4th is fuel test..(or maybe its 3rd and ers is 4th) more practice short shifting (or using 1 gear higher than normal for a corner) and coasting 50m before you would normally break for a corner. again the teams already know most of this info from sims. in game to get the most out of things ....do r&d one, tweak setup ... have another run on same tyres. happy move to do 2 3 and 4. Do them all on the same set of tyres (set for that program). (select it in the little menu that appears when you choose to do a R&D thing. saves you wasting tyres. FP2 in real life is when they do a "qual run sim" or "low fuel run". to make sure the setup works at lower fuels. FP3 in real life is a combo of race pace run ....where they run heavy fuel and they don't use DRS in the drs zones... and just general warming up for the incoming qualify. they don't use DRS in race pace runs because...they generally don't get to spend a lot of the race using DRS. do with that knowledge what you will. the real life counterparts will do (most of) the qual and race pace programs on both (or all 3) sets of tyres..
  5. Icecream76

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    for them to make a game that focus's on multiplayer... they'd have to fix the bug infested mess that is multiplayer. and for years... those bugs still remain.
  6. Icecream76

    How to NOT cause "unnecessary wear" on transmission?

    like this . example Melb Australia. you're hurtling down the straight (DRS zone) after turn 1 and 2 towards turn 3.. turn 3 is a slowish corner. So you drop from 8th to 3rd (perhaps even 2nd) gear. if you go from 8th to 3rd in the space of a second... you are going to pulverize your gearbox. In timetrials you can watch people slam down the gears super fast with the throttle still flat... which rev's the s*%t out of the engine. in career mode this will destroy your gearbox.
  7. Icecream76

    How is F2 integrated into career mode?

    for any other developer, correct. for CodepasteMasters, the best they can do. Maybe in 2020 or 2021. another example is the "legends" bit, its just stock 'challenges' that are in 2018 but you drive as Prost or Senna, and the 1st place driver is whichever one you didn't drive as. It's LOL worthy if it wasn't so lame.
  8. Icecream76

    Ferrari's livery

    mission winnow is a product along the lines of vape (e-cigarettes) .. its not technically a tobacco product, but it's a semantics situation. It delivers nicotine, which is the drug in tobacco without the other poisons from smoking. In Australia (where e-cigs are illegal) it was deemed a tobacco product, so they could not show the advertising. Do not expect codies to allow the mission winnow livery if they won't allow the Champagne logo due to it being disallowed in UAE. What it really funny is 'loot boxes' have been deemed to be a form of gambling by courts but game companies aren't interested in stopping those any time soon.
  9. Icecream76

    Helmet editor

    no. they won't.
  10. a beta tester's job is find problems with the software. first by trying things that its designed to do, things people will be doing when they get the product. then they try to do things the software isn't designed to to. they file detailed reports on what, where, when, and how they did something and its result. of course there's "pick me for beta" testers ...who just want to play with the product.. and not much else. their reports look like most forum posts.. "omg this is broken, fix it" guess which one happens more often than not.
  11. Icecream76


    it means the team that released 2017, went right to work on 2019... while another team worked on 2018. probably a bit of two and frowing of people in between.