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  1. Ok, I found it Only appears in "New PS4 Addons" https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4001-CUSA12819_00-DIRTRALLY2TRK001
  2. Where is Montecarlo in Usa PSN Store ??????????
  3. Not "capisci" im Spanish xd. yeah...my car is totally upgrade! buona notte 😆
  4. Original DR "carrer mode"...wasn´t a great Carrer Mode, but, the difficulty was progresive and "logic". In DR2...has no sense. Firts divisions are extremely easy (30sec/1 min per track lol)...and 3 division (pro) a nightmare.
  5. CPU still broken in Carrer Mode. Im in PRO division with the GOLF GTI...and the CPU parcials..are illogical. No betatester in Codemasters?.
  6. Great job?. Great Job in original Dirt Rally. But not in this DR2. Exaggerating? You are joking?. I pay for a finalized game, no for a beta.
  7. And the blurry graphics are fixed in console version ?? (PS4 Standar and Xbox Standar) IA in carrer mode is broken And FFB fix??? I pay 90€/$ for and Early Access/beta game?.
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