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  1. Hi @Hoo, accordingly to @BarryBL it appears that a beta program for F1 2021 is not confirmed at this time. If an official beta will not be run this time, I hope some sort of closed beta for devs working on third-party tools could be planned to give us the opportunity to have integrations ready on day-one.
  2. Hi! The new version 1.6.0 is out! Here the new features: F1 2020 - native support for F1 2020. Instructions on how to configure SRT and F1 2020 are here: https://www.simracingtelemetry.com/help/F12020/ ; Sharing - you can now share your telemetries with other users and compare your laps with the ones from your friends. Used with the "comparison" feature, this is the best tool to improve your skills. Sharing and importing is simple: open a telemetry session and press the "Share" icon, select the "Share" option and send/save the file. When you receive a ".SRT" file, you ca
  3. Hi! Here the detailed instruction for F1 2019: https://www.simracingtelemetry.com/help/F12019/ . Basically you must connect your iPhone and PS4 to the same WiFi network, then configure the game on PS4 to send data to your iPhone. The new module supporting F1 2020 will be available in few weeks. Instructions will be similar.
  4. Hi, the game sends detailed telemetry data only for the local player (not for the ghosts neither for other players or AIs), so SRT can’t record them unfortunately. We are working on a new feature (that should be available in few weeks, with also the native support to F1 2020) that will allow players to share telemetries. It’s not the same thing you’re asking of course, but soon you could try asking the telemetry to other players if they’re using SRT too.
  5. Hi. Sector times are not manager as telemetry parameters, so there're not available there. You can see them only in the laps list. Where would you like them to appear? This is not supported at the moment. In the main screen, you can tap on the "gear" icon at top right. There you can select between Metric and Imperial units, but not mixing them.
  6. Hi. I really don't want this to escalate. I think to have answered all the questions you made in this thread about the features of the app (links to understand telemetry data, map colors, intermediate times, Median Absolute Deviation, etc.). For the data, I explained that we receive them from the game and I have the same information as you have about them; if you need more details, only Codemasters can help (e.g. "Suspensions height is that the level of suspension in the pit lane before going to the track? If not which one is it?"). Other notes ("will you be adding Career & GP/Championship
  7. I'm sorry but I can't answer all your questions. A lot of them seems more about the game rather than SRT, but we are not part of Codemasters. For any question about the numeric data and fields, you should ask directly to Codemasters. Our app takes all the data they generate for your car and make them accessible, if you have specific questions on such numbers they are the only ones that can give you the right answers. I'm sorry 🙂 Here more information about the Median Absolute Deviation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Median_absolute_deviation
  8. Hi Drospy, not at the moment. In a future update we'll add a "sharing" feature that can be used also to address this use-case. Please note that purchases are not transferable, so you'll need separate licenses of SRT modules on both PC and mobile in this case.
  9. Yes, it allows you to sort the laps by total lap time or by single intermediate time (i.e. the time spent in a particular sector of a lap). Glad it is helping you 🙂
  10. The color represents the value of the parameter: blue for the minimum value in the lap, red for the maximum value in the lap. Other colors represent the intermediate values. You can inspect all the parameters of your car in every position in the map, including tyres pressure, temperature and a lot more. You can configure which parameters to analyze pressing the "hamburger" button at the top-right of the screen and selecting the wanted parameters (this works separately for each screen - charts, map, tabular and stats).
  11. The perfect lap doesn't exist 🙂 But for next releases we plan to add a sharing feature, so you could compare your telemetry with the ones of other players that want to share it. At the moment we are not planning to add an automatic assistant. It would be a very cool feature, but it's also a very complex system and we need other features before it 🙂 Not each year, but for every game you want to have "unlimited" access to. When a module is unlocked on a platform (e.g. F1 2019 for Android), you'll be able to use it as long as you want. Different games have usually different module
  12. Hi Hygradeb, thanks a lot for all the nice feedbacks and suggestions! We'll analyze them. In particular the ones about the "comparison" feature in the map view. Representing the TDiff is something we though about in the past, but we had no time to implement. But it's in our todo list. What do you mean with "offline data reading/storage"? At the moment all recorded telemetries are stored on your device. In next updates we'll add the option to share such telemetries with other users and export them to CSV files for further analysis.
  13. Hi! Unfortunately we are not planning any instructional video, as telemetry is a complex topic and requires a personal study and understanding of car dynamics, i.e. the physics of the car handling. It's bound 100% to the parameters that you can read from telemetry. As soon as you'll understand the physics of the car and it's dynamics, you'll understand the telemetry data and how to change the setup accordingly. We have a sub-Reddit to discuss about telemetry in sim racing games: https://www.reddit.com/r/SimRacingTelemetry/ . At the moment is not very active but contains useful links
  14. Right! Broadcasting is surely a simpler solution in this case. Nice finding 🙂 Glad you solved!!
  15. Hi! I think you are on the right direction. It's strange that your proxy server requires a different remote port for each different remote IP address; could you double check it? If SRT is running on it's own device (and so on with its own unique IP address), you should not have any issue at all (as the remote ports are relative to different devices). If this doesn't work, please try with another proxy server (e.g. "Codemasters Proxy Server" (http://www.eksimracing.com/cmps/). In general, the following is the "workaround" we suggest to use SRT together with other applications on the same P
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