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  1. I think, the only useful person is he who developed this workaround, Who is Simon Owen as you can see 🙂 Some stages especially in Poland are very bad optimized there are too much objects in the screen. Every gpu are bottlenecked at some area especially in the forest.
  2. "Try this DX hack, it may help you It will only copy a modded DX file into DR's root folder https://github.com/simonowen/dirtfix/releases" Finally It works, Hallelujah! My stuttering goes away. I can use my handbrake, h-shifter again!
  3. I Can manage the stuttering bug what is caused by some in-game usb device. I remove all of them except my t300 wheel and keyboard. Starting the game in vr and the lagging is still there. I plug in one of my pheripherials ingame like handbrake, the game still lagging. I remove the pheripherials (what I've just plugged in) and the stuttering is gone!!! You have no quit from the race, the effect is instant! Shame on you codemasters this is a known bug since DIRT 4.
  4. Guys I found the main problem with the 1-2 sec constantly lagging in vr even if you're using the lowest settings. (I tested steam version with vive) If you have ANY usb controller device connecting to your pc what the game can recognise (use) Wheel, shifter, handbrake) the game will be lagging even if you doesn't use it. If you have 3 three devices your lagging will be multiplied. You can try this even if you are playing, just disconnect the devices the game will be flowing. The xbox controller doesn't affect this. You can use it anytime. So If you using with xbox controller, and other devices are connected, the game will be stuttering in vr. I' didnt experienced this bug in dirt rally 1. So C'mon codemasters DO you job, fix this! I dont want to play a racing game without a wheel.