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  1. Yep, same thing on my xbox one x. I thought the car wasnt in there at all at first but i found it in time trial. Car drives and sounds nice. I do believe all dlc cars are supposed to be in "my garage" however. Must be an error on codemasters part. Glad I'm not the only one. Please fix this codemasters. Thanks
  2. werdpc

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    Enjoying the game so far on My xbox one X. A couple things I've noticed. In DR1 there was a transmission setting for "H pattern manual clutch and sequential manual gearbox." Which made you use the type of gearbox authentic to the car...it forced you to use the H pattern in the historic cars but in modern cars you could use the paddles. As it is in DR2 now, I have to go into options and change it everytime I switch it from older to modern cars and vice versa. It's a small thing but is quite annoying to have to remember to do and for me adds a lot of realism. Please add this option back into DR2. Also, I've noticed in the faster countries especially like Poland and Spain there are several missed corner calls from my navigator. Resulting in me careening off into the landscape. Thanks for an overall great game though.