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  1. Hicks613

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 VR Feedback

    Tested on 2 pc's PC 1: Ryzen 5 3600 16GB ram 1TB SSD drive 1080ti Evga Hybrid liquid cooled. PC2 I7 9700 16GBram 4x 1TB SSDs GTX 2080 Windows 10 Pro. Steam. SteamVR and beta was tested. WIth and without reprojection (which is needlessly hard to toggle with that shift-a shortcut key) This game runs terribly. There is a stutter that occurs at a given period every 2 to 3 seconds. You can time it and you can set your watch to it. It is ALWAYS THERE regardless of the detail onscreen. I have turned ALL details to absolute minimum. All SteamVR settings to absolute minimum. My render resolution is 20%. This is makes the game look like minecraft. And it STILL runs like a slideshow. On BOTH machines, the Oculus version of the game runs perfectly. THe steam VR title is complete garbage. Please publish the Oculus version on Steam using a beta opt in for Rift owners with the steam version of the game. I have tested the Oculus version (which I refuse to buy. I REFUSE TO BUY THIS GAME TWICE!!!) and it works so well. so smooth. Please sort your issues out.
  2. Hicks613

    VR FAQ & Performance

    So DR2.0 is an inferior piece of work. I just ran a bunch of monitoring tools and lowered ALL graphical settings to their ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. My liquid cooled gtx 1080ti hybrid was barely 40% utilized. The game stutters every few seconds. The only activity that spikes is lan activity. No disk activity on my SSD's. minimal amount of ram used out of my 32g. CPU is cruising in the low 30%. what a piece of ****. So i tested this game from my steam account again on another pc. i7 9700k. gtx 2080. My rift, my steam account. Same piece of **** behaviour. My friend purchased the oculus version, saw how well it ran, then refunded it. WE NOT GOING TO BUY THIS GAME TWICE. FIX IT PJ, you fcuking thieving cnut.
  3. Hicks613

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Codemasters, you have lied to and screwed Oculus customers. If you cannot provide a version of the game that users both Steam/OpenVR and the Oculus API, then at the very least, you guys are incompitent. THERE IS A SOLUTION It woudn't take much in terms of deployment to give us beta opt-in option to get the oculus api version of this game out to steam clients. But you won't implement it. WHY? There is either pressure from Oculus to sit on this quietly until they recoup their money for funding the VR port, or you guys are trying to recoup costs by selling the Oculus version at inflated costs with less content. It is not in your interest to fix this issue. We see that.