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  1. I don't buy the "performance" explanation. Why then Greece, Australia and USA (for example, among others) have perfect drawing distance and no annoying fog. In Greece you can see miles away... performance is fine If it really is the reason, then yes cut back the amount of objects.... or allow PC to get rid of the fog. PC can run 60 fps, if it's powerful enough. Don't force the fog. When Dirt Rally 1 looks (way) better only with Finland, and Dirt Rally 2 looks (way) better with every other DLC country, I don't see the logic of performance reason I mean look at those screenshots.. they are just absurd. Finland doesn't look like that IRL, maybe 1 day per summer you might see something like that (with luck), for few hours https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sxsrf=ACYBGNR-RX-7mBPaZTaPwHk4Zx3xnIf7cw%3A1580295297763&sa=1&ei=gWQxXuaiLsuprgSisKXoCw&q=jämsä+ralli+kesä&oq=jämsä+ralli+kesä&gs_l=img.3...9367.9987..10223...0.0..0.82.530.7......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......35i39j0i24.07HfUsJFqow&ved=0ahUKEwim5_Pe0qjnAhXLlIsKHSJYCb0Q4dUDCAc&uact=5 There is IRL Google photos of Jämsä rally. Tell me how many have fog in them?????
  2. A) It hurts visibility B) Finland in Dirt Rally 1 looked better, with clear visibility to the distance C) Not to mention, it hurts visibility in the FASTEST stage in the game, where seeing far to the distance is the most important D) Finally, I'm from Finland and been to Jämsä rallies many times (I live nearby), it never looks like that over here..... Dirt Rally 1 looked like much more realistic Finnish forest This "Let's add blue fog everywhere and it will make this look cool" is a nuisance of Dirt Rally 2.0 overall, not just Finland. The effect is overused in several RX tracks for example, and in Poland to a degree. But it's at it's worst in Finland, completely ruining the experience. Rest of the DLC stages are good, and actually improve over the originals visually and in some cases also driving-wise (Sweden, Monte Carlo). Finland really needs fixing, just remove the fog completely
  3. Well, end result is the same. Like you said, on Steam, OpenVR. With inferior performance. No launch parameter to change it to Oculus mode, so that performance would be on par with Oculus Store version. Which I'm sure everyone who purchased the game (many people before Steam sales, many people on Day 1), well deserves. If there is such parameter, please share the information and dunno... sticky post it everywhere, with largest, fattest font available. Until that, I believe there is no such parameter. I really hope you can bring the Steam VR performance 1:1 on par with Oculus store version. The early adopters, owners of Steam deluxe edition, and in general your customers deserve it. It is obvious that SteamVR reduces performance (in this case drastically, but always some), only way to make it run optimally, is adding Oculus Native support into Steam version too.
  4. Not including OculusVR support into Steam version, is a major dickmove. I supported from Day 1 by purchasing full priced Deluxe Edition. Codemasters said VR would come in Summer. Lot of people have done this, and played on pancake screen until VR comes. Even if not on Day 1. On my overclocked 8700K and 1080Ti OC the performance in OpenVR is absolute garbage. Stutters, framedrops. No matter settings. And FYI, the command lines like -vrmode Oculus are placebo, @PJTierney said here that there is no command line option for Steam version: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41487-vr-dirtfish-patch-notes-version-17-of-dirt-rally-20/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-45276 So people are imagining a "fix". The Steam install folder contains only OpenVR_api.dll and that's it. No OculusVR_api.dll Now you say I must double dip for 55€ again, to get playable performance? The Oculus Store version doesn't even include DLCs! So you expect me to pay twice for DLC too? And not to mention, DLC that is already recycled from Dirt Rally 1 for the most part. How about giving me a VR support, that works and I paid for? Like you goddamn promised. In your blog you even advertised Steam sale, and right after that say "VR: Yes, it's still coming!": http://blog.codemasters.com/community/06/the-dirt-roadbook-june-28-2019/ How misleading can you get... you tricked VR owners into buying from Steam... so that now they must repurchase from Oculus store
  5. Sorry for being a bit of pr*ck about it, but it was really annoying issue and started to get on my nerves big time. However, I figured a workaround for this... It was, because I had lowered my FOV, to suit better a triple screen setup (which has wide FOV anyway, by nature). Lower FOV seems to boost this flickering ten fold. When I put FOV back to default (FOV slider into middle), it's nearly gone. However, would be good to address this, correct triples FOV would need some adjustment ("zooming in")
  6. WOULD BE COOL TO HAVE A REPLY FROM DEVELOPERS! AS THIS IS 1.4 AND CRITICAL BUG STILL NOT FIXED! YOU'RE AWARE THAT TRIPLE SCREEN IS STILL MORE COMMON THAN VR, AMONG SERIOUS SIM RACERS...? VR, THE THINGY YOU ARE GOING TO SUPPORT? Because while VR is now the gold standard for PC sim racing, it used to be triple screen for over a decade! And many people still have their triples, because A) VR motion sickness B) Money, people still have their old screens left C) More accurate, sharper image than VR has D) Not all sims support VR What is actually hilarious, is that you still haven't figured after 20 years of making driving games, that all serious simulators (Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, rFactor 2, iRacing, Project Cars 2, RaceRoom, Live For Speed released in 2003.... list goes on) have BEZEL and ANGLE correction for Triple screens. Yet you never had it, in F1 or Dirt series.... What is triple screen support, Inside Sim Racing article: https://www.isrtv.com/pc-racing/triple-screen-support-sim-racing-explained/ (From Assetto Corsa) But this grass flickering never getting fixed, makes me believe you don't have triple screen at the office??? (You know to test, that it works?) Now I'm gonna tag your entire dev team, because multiple requests to ChristinaMC to reply to this subject provided no answer in months. And you don't even specify anywhere, who is responsible for graphics/bugs like this. So I could tag the correct person(s). @ChristinaMc @ChrisGrovesMCM @DanHawk1ns @jennyannem @againstmywill @AlexanderWhyte @AllanMulholland @Britpoint @ChandhokRules @CM Adrian Paul Smith @CM_Ads @cmAlexPapp @cmBadgio @cmgavincooper @CmKeithH @cmkmitson @CMMcBabe @cmMikeRobson @CMNickNC @CmRachel @cmRossGowing @cmsoundfx @DanHawk1ns @DanM3D @DGreco @DanTravis @davidjgurney @DEVWDN @DriverNumber22 @EvansR5 @Faya @Feronax @FerrousDueler @FlatOutIn8th @Flatty @GodUsopp @Hargers @helloisitme @Hoo @HussainPatel @issueskid @jclose @JohnSmedley @jonny174 @LexLoota @Lozzy @matthewhorsman @MaxiLive @MrBE2016 @MrJamieLowes @OliWright @OmarQA @PixelPusher87 @plovell1978 @RacePaceTyreMan @rannumgen1 @RodStreet @sjmgfx @SnoeL @Splatoon31 @steeeeeeeeeeee @Strezi @Stune @Tebsy @TheClaw @Timmsy123 @TomCooperCM @UKJealer Just in case you have never seen a triple screen setup, or don't have one at the office:
  7. KahvaEel

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Not in my opinion, if it wouldn't flicker. My FPS is fine with 1080 ti. Anyway, it needs addressing, "turn off grass" isn't a solution. Triple screens are more common than VR headsets (in sim racing, because it was the "gold standard" of sim racing for many years before VR became a thing. Lot of simmers haven't sold their triples, some not even if they have VR)
  8. Added videos to my original post. If VR gets support, this deserves to be addressed. Many people still use triples for simracing (I'd argue that more than VR)
  9. KahvaEel

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Yeah I get that. But after this patch I hope. VR is getting support, so triple screen shouldn't be neglected. I have TAA on and most settings maxed Here videos about the flicker: The flickering can get way worse though, depending on areas (lot of grass). Sorry for poor quality, didn't manage to get Shadowplay working with triples, but should show what I mean by flicker. All grass flickers like that, every stage, all the time. This has happened since launch of DR 2.0 gpu driver doesn't matter. Went through all the graphic settings, only thing that cures it is disabling "Ground cover" totally. Other people reporting same thing: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35041-foliage-is-flickering-badly-in-5760-x-1080-resolution-this-doesnt-happen-in-1920-x-1080/
  10. KahvaEel

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Hmm yeah. Well to me those 2 other issues are even bigger, the FFB is okay while not as good as Dirt Rally 1. Especially the triple screen flicker is game breaking (every grass texture in every track flickers like a strobe light, nonstop... so only stages I use now are Sweden/Monte, due to no grass) To me it's weird that this doesn't get addressed, triple screen owners must still be larger portion of PC simracers, than VR owners... @ChristinaMc Here videos about the flicker: https://youtu.be/NWph0ZUObRk?t=1 https://youtu.be/Z8xagEzUwTA
  11. KahvaEel

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Hope the update also includes - Ability to keep old FFB (in case the new is even worse) - Fix for triple screen and widescreen foliage/grass flickering (it's terrible, reported by many people, no fix so far) - Car specific transmission (H pattern for old cars, seq for new)
  12. Seems that I had "grass=false" already, although I have never edited these files. No help on 5760 x 1080 sill flickering grass in Australia etc.
  13. Thanks for the tip. But I really think they should fix this. I'm afraid will larger screen users be neglected, when we are few in numbers. It's not noticeable in all stages, of course for example Sweden and Monte Carlo don't suffer from this. One of worst is Australia, the whole terrain just flickers like strobe light.
  14. Codemaster still did nothing about this in V 1.3? Ok.... now I'm getting annoyed. Horrible, horrible flickering... Not even a small reply from developers to ACKNOWLEDGE the issue? Does Codemasters actually test with triple screen setups (still MORE COMMON than VR among simracers!!!) or with widescreen setups? Have that at the office? Or you just test on regular screens, and then hope it works? The flickering is epilepsy inducing.. it looks absolutely terrible, and after 2 months still total silence?