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  1. Well, end result is the same. Like you said, on Steam, OpenVR. With inferior performance. No launch parameter to change it to Oculus mode, so that performance would be on par with Oculus Store version. Which I'm sure everyone who purchased the game (many people before Steam sales, many people on Day 1), well deserves. If there is such parameter, please share the information and dunno... sticky post it everywhere, with largest, fattest font available. Until that, I believe there is no such parameter. I really hope you can bring the Steam VR performance 1:1 on par with Oculus store ver
  2. Not including OculusVR support into Steam version, is a major dickmove. I supported from Day 1 by purchasing full priced Deluxe Edition. Codemasters said VR would come in Summer. Lot of people have done this, and played on pancake screen until VR comes. Even if not on Day 1. On my overclocked 8700K and 1080Ti OC the performance in OpenVR is absolute garbage. Stutters, framedrops. No matter settings. And FYI, the command lines like -vrmode Oculus are placebo, @PJTierney said here that there is no command line option for Steam version: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41487-vr-dirt
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