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  1. cornerslicer

    F1 2019

    Haha i know right😂 Also seriously, what’s the point of your post?
  2. cornerslicer

    Questions about F1 2019

    Is there any way they’ll bring the price down for the price down for the legends dlc. Like if it was worth it (which I’m sorry it’s not 12€ is ridiculous for 2 cars and 8 invitational events) but have they reduced the price for dlcs in the passed, is it likely they’ll reduce it? And secondly, for career mode, will there be a patch to add a full F2 season into career mode even if it’s not with the fictional drivers, I feel and most of us do feel let down by this so, have they said anything about this anywhere? It’s not a difficult feature to implement...
  3. cornerslicer

    F1 2019 a worthy upgrade

    I’m just wondering if we take F2 out as well as driver transfers. Do we have the same game as F1 2018. My main question is should I buy f1 2019 if i have f1 2018 (ps I don’t play multiplayer so the upgrades made to it are literally pointless but I would care about handling and physics)
  4. What happened is literally so frustrating. I am in a very tight title battle with Vettel in my F1 2018 career mode 5 points separate us. Mercedes out of the equation. We’re in Mexico I start on pole in a Ferrari Vettel is 3rd. I don’t get the best of start but I turn into Vettels path slightly Vettel doesnt react. Both Ferrari’s are at the back of the pack. I have to put for a new nose Vettel doesn’t. I’m thinking okay I’m going to go long. After the pit stops I come back ahead of Vettel crucially in 9th place. We collide again as he completely turns into me, he spins out and damages my front wing. That’s okay for me very realistic behavior from Vettel (lel). What’s not realistic however is Sainz comes up behind me hits me, I spin off on the main straight take out a lot of cars including Vettel (his suspension is clearly broken). I retire and I see that the simulated session put Vettel back into 9th place extending the championship lead. Not by much but still. The session simulation is broken beyond belief how did he finish 9th with a broken suspension. Can we please have this fixed, it is so frustrating
  5. cornerslicer

    F1 2019 the worst Codemasters F1 game?

    Yh I won’t buy it. My point is this isn’t promising at all for the publicity it’s had. I know I can’t judge a beer without tasting it but this looks exactly like F1 2018 with mere F2 integration
  6. Let’s think about this. I’ve bought every single F1 game since 2010 and they’ve had a few stumbles. In my opinion F1 2016 should’ve been the game in 2014, since F1 2014 was a copy paste of F1 2013. F1 2015 was decent but so barebone it was a joke. So in my opinion we’re still 2 years behind. They claim F1 2019 was in development for 2 years. You’re telling me a copy paste of F1 2018 with the addition of F2, Senna v Prost feature and Multiplayer leagues and custom liveries took 2 years!!!? Nice one Codemasters you only finished modeling the cars a couple of weeks ago. They say F2 was like creating another championship and putting 2 games into one. NO IT IS NOT!! F2 cars the same they only added one chassis in with different liveries. Not to mention the fact you’re not actually going to play a full F2 season to earn your way into F1. Its 3 scenarios. Yes you can play the full F2 season outside of career mode but career mode is the game’s core everyone plays it. Senna vs Prost is just an invitational event so they only replaced a current feature. Leagues and Multiplayer liveries are cool (even though custom liveries really should be integrated into the career mode) yet there are still heaps of bugs which they probably won’t have fixed. Not to mention the fact the safety car is still broken and red flags never made a comeback and the handling is still the same. In my opinion this a more of a minor update than a completely new game which took two years to make. This the first time i will skip the game’s release. Will this be the worst game? Probably not but thinking about it there isn’t much new here and certainly a lot of room for improvement. What do you guys think?
  7. cornerslicer

    Worst pre release ever!

    It’s still pre-release phase but the game looks extremely barebone. Two years in development, are you joking? They were done with modeling the cars a couple of days ago. This is just a joke. The handling hasn’t changed. Plus the Senna v Prost feature is just another scenario mode which replaces the invitational events. F2 is a cool addition but you really should play the full F2 season before earning your seat. I bet they’ll have removed a feature or two which is what Codemasters always do (getting fired probably won’t be a thing anymore if you can earn your seat so easily). They claim F2 was like making another game into one. No it wasn’t the cars are exactly the same. Not to mention the fact red flags have still not returned, the safety car is a feature that is so inconsistent and will most likely remain so, Multiplayer will probably be broken before release. I have bought every one of the F1 games since 2010. The progression is so disappointing. I know they don’t have all the money in the world but still. It’s a copy paste of F1 2018 with F2 included (barely) and 4 new classic cars