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  1. Curently, players are not prompted to do any changes unless the weather changes or the player has had a crash... But here's a *suggestion (*can be switched OFF if you don't want your engineer distracting you...with VERY important information!) which will make your engineer feel like he's really watching your vehicle's data and also the weather! Because He becomes verbal and tells you very short but important information such as: "Our data is showing your tires have plenty of life. We advise you to stay out for 2 more laps longer than scheduled." "Your tires seem almost gone. Pitcrew is ready for you to come in ahead of schedule." "Your engine is overheating. Push less and back off from the car in front!" "Light rain will arrive in about 10 minutes. We have 15 laps to go. Stay out till the end of the race!" (*Player has already been driving on Mediums for about 15 laps! Or HARD tires for about 20 laps) "The slower car infront of you will pit in 2 laps, we suggest you stay out and drive sparingly till the end of the race to stay ahead of him." "The Pit window opens in 2 laps. We advise you to take the Hard tires, since you're the fastest Driver on the track!" (Before the race, the player had manually scheduled Mediums or Softs!) "That's it! Keep this pace for 2 more laps to open a gap before entering the pits."
  2. TzeffNL

    Annoying crowd volume

    Finally! I thought I was the only one who has noticed this! It's so STRANGE at times...it's like you're wearing a headset with the sound of screaming crowds! EDIT: The screaming crowds keep following you all over the track, even at places where there's no crowd in sight! Codemasters should fix this like in some OTHER, older racing titles (I don't remember which) where you pass the stands and hear the crowds at THAT stand! And as you drive away, the cheers go away and you start hearing the crowds at ANOTHER stand. Codemasters should place a FIXED position of different crowds sounds...per stand! Because it would easily become reppettitive hearing the same whoohoo over and over again... 😕
  3. Before a singleplayer race we usually we hear commentaries about the layout and history of a race-track. I think that in addition of hearing about the layout of the circuit, it would be more immersive to hear short commentaries about your previous exploits (or failures) while playing the *campaign (*also for coop) with equally short highlights of your previous crash or win. You can skip it if you just want to hop into the race a.s.a.p. And ofcourse the same commentaries should not be repeated before each following race! Examples of additional Pre-Race commentaries (with SHORT prevous race highlights): "After that brilliant win at (track name), let's see if (player name) can repeat the same here at (track name)!" "What a dissapointing race that was at (Track Name). I am sure (Driver's Name) and his team are hoping for better results today. "He's been out-classing his teammate race after race. But with this grid penalty, things might become a little tougher!" "His engine failed him during the course of the last race. Will it happen again? This we're about to find out!" "Hanging in 3rd place in the Driver's standings, he's almost in reach of his nearest rival, (Rival Name)" "He's just failed to score any points last race after sustaining damage during his clash with (Driver's Name). Will he improve?" "Things are looking pretty easy for the current Championship Leader. And I'm sure today we won't see any difference!" "There's been some rumors that his team are about to sack him, should he not step up his performance this race. It's do or die for (Player name) today!" "As we see (Player Name) consistantly extend his lead in the championship, the result of this race might be predictable!" "After his shameful forcing (Driver name) off the track, which didn't benefit him at all, let's see if (Player Name) has learnt his lesson." "What an amazing recovery (Player Name) showed the world a few days ago at (Track Name). I am sure he'll show us more of that today!" "With those embarrassingly low driving skills (Player Name) has been showing us these couple of races, I am honestly surprised he's still allowed to drive here at (Track Name)!" "So far, (Player Name) has been the pride of his Lower Tier Team. In today's race he might as well haul them up and outrank the Top Teams!" "The Worst Driver of the Year. Or should it be "the Worst driver in the History of Motorsport? I can't imagine any other title for anyone who performs this badly with a top team. Or ANY team!" "Between (Player Name) and (Driver Name) it's been a neck-on-neck battle throughout the entire season! Today only one will be crowned World Champion. Who shall it be?"
  4. TzeffNL

    Codie's Forums Music Test

    This video here is blurry but I prefer it because of the chick :-P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tRuVcdKM9g
  5. Fortunately not… their crash physics was even dumber than Codies! They don't look dumb at all in this clip! :-P (And I've never seen any cool-looking crashes or rolls in multiplayer...or even singleplayer!)
  6. ...In ANY CodeMasters F1 Game? F1 Challenge 99-02 Music Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpoOlGSl6RI