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  1. No FFB presented through the wheel of Thrustmaster T300RS DMKP-DPTA-DXCC-DKBE PC - WIndows 10 All OFFLINE OFFLINE Different wheel settings made new presets, unplugged wheel, plugged back in again, updated firmware and drivers, turned ffb off and on again in game No Video, issue hardware related Go into any game mode on pc with a thrustmaster T300RS and drive round the track, over kerbs etc, you will feel no FFB input Tried all workarounds but to no avail... Codies/EA.... I have spent close to £70 of my hard earned cash on a p
  2. I tested this on the sweet lamb stage in wales in the Subaru Impreza 1995. Dry conditions i won the stage by 8 seconds despite a minor off Wet conditions i felt i drove a solid stage, best i could and ended up 14 seconds down. I notice this most in career mode but want to do an offline championship so I can set it at a difficulty level where i get a good competitive rally each time. Even the AI performace is inconsistent though I find. Some rallies i'll win by say 30 seconds whilst others i'll be mid to low table over 2 minutes down This does need addressing. Either they ha
  3. well I was filled with optimism when I heard about this update. Big fan of Colin McRae and the Subaru Impreza 1997. The cars look and sound stunning and the new stages are done in fantastic detail. However it's the usual DR 2.0 bug bears that plague this for me. I'm running on 80% AI difficulty to begin with (and thats very low for me, i'm usually around 85-95) The top times being set on this difficulty level are WORLD RECORDS. So even after i feel like i have run a clean stage I still end up 45 seconds back. Impossible to have fun when you can't compete. Pace not
  4. I wish they would use purpose built RX tracks rather than these makeshift conversions that we're seeing at Spa/Silverstone/COTA and now here. Money talks in the end though.
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