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  1. Having problems with RaceNet tonight, keep losing connection on Career mode
  2. cjhill

    Rallycross 2019

    I wish they would use purpose built RX tracks rather than these makeshift conversions that we're seeing at Spa/Silverstone/COTA and now here. Money talks in the end though.
  3. Great, thanks. I did this together with a reboot and have had no further issues
  4. Hi, I have been running DR 2.0 fine the past 10 days but today I am running some stages in Australia in career mode and I have had to repeat the same stage because the game just crashed to desktop on me 3 times. The screen just freezes before crashing me back to desktop. I then notice in my game library it looks like something is downloading to the game, but this could be a crash dump? I've no idea why its happening all of a sudden? I'm running nVidia 1060 GTX. Any ideas on what I can do to resolve this? Thanks
  5. hmm OK, i'll give it a go. Thanks for your help, its now saying 44gb which sounds more like it, but it says downloading and nothing is happening
  6. how do i then enter correct code in steam?
  7. how do i enter the proper steam online activation code? I entered the deluxe edition code first in error and im haveing the same issues as you guys
  8. Hi, I have got a hard copy of the game for PC. This came with 4 disks. When I enter disk 1 it says the game size is 46mb! After It begins the installation it asks me to insert disk 2, so i do that and click OK. Then as soon as i enter disk 2 it tells me to enter disk 3 and so on. The installation time is virtually 0. Then when i try and run the game in steam i get the missing executable error. All the disks have data on so im not sure whats going on. Just seems as though i've got 4 almost blank disks Only 1 thing, I entered the activation code for the deluxe edition instead of the steam activation code. I've deleted the game on steam but cant get back to the point in the installation where i have to enter the correct activation code