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  1. I want to create a custom championship with all the rallies in the 2001 Subaru, ideally starting with the Monte and ending in Wales. Is there an easy way to do this rather than having to add each stage separately for each event? I’d there not an option to add all stages? Takes hours to set up
  2. OK, really enjoying the Colin McRae DLC and the scenarios. What still frustrates me with a particular challenge though is the 5 stage wales 1995 challenge where I am supposed to win the rally by over 30 seconds The odds are heavily weighted against me because clearly the AI dont suffer from the surface degradation or the wet weather. You have to be so precise on throttle on wet mud with very little grip. Plus, really struggling with a setup for the wet gravel, just no grip at all, especially in the slow corners. I'm using the GTR technical setups from YouTube. Any tips?
  3. cjhill

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I tested this on the sweet lamb stage in wales in the Subaru Impreza 1995. Dry conditions i won the stage by 8 seconds despite a minor off Wet conditions i felt i drove a solid stage, best i could and ended up 14 seconds down. I notice this most in career mode but want to do an offline championship so I can set it at a difficulty level where i get a good competitive rally each time. Even the AI performace is inconsistent though I find. Some rallies i'll win by say 30 seconds whilst others i'll be mid to low table over 2 minutes down This does need addressing. Either they have no intention of fixing it or they can't work out how to, otherwise surely this would be been addressed by now
  4. cjhill

    Looking for a few tips

    Amazing advice, thank you. some really good info there. Like you say on circuits it’s a more finesse style of driving required. I’m a multiple champion on an online NASCAR series, a world of difference from rallying. Have been playing dirt since its release but just need to take a step back and learn the cars and stages. Definitely relate to trying to go in blind, drive flat out, crash and get frustrated. Thanks I’ll try the wheel settings you suggest.
  5. cjhill

    Looking for a few tips

    Hi, I am a veteran on racing sims but I just can't seem to get the feel for some of the cars in DR 2.0 To me it feels like I am a passenger a lot of the time with the cars just not responding to my input. I have tried the 'GTR Technical' setups on YouTube with moderate success. I am running a Thrustmaster TS300 so if anyone has any recommended wheel settings they could share that would be great. I am running automatic shifting for now, I have enough trouble trying to get to the end of a stage at the moment, it seems like pot luck as to whether the car will stick to the road. At the moment I am getting battered by the AI on 80% difficulty, even when i have a smooth stage. Not sure what I can do to improve. What also confuses me is the AI speed in heavy rain. I ran a stage in Wales yesterday. Once in dry conditions where I actually won the stage by 4 seconds. The second run-through was pretty smooth yet I finished 12 seconds down. It seems like the heavy rain doesn't affect the AI as much as the player. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks
  6. cjhill

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    well I was filled with optimism when I heard about this update. Big fan of Colin McRae and the Subaru Impreza 1997. The cars look and sound stunning and the new stages are done in fantastic detail. However it's the usual DR 2.0 bug bears that plague this for me. I'm running on 80% AI difficulty to begin with (and thats very low for me, i'm usually around 85-95) The top times being set on this difficulty level are WORLD RECORDS. So even after i feel like i have run a clean stage I still end up 45 seconds back. Impossible to have fun when you can't compete. Pace notes- A LOT of pace notes are either wrong (a couple of 4 rights were flat out 6 rights) . still too soon so i'm braking earlier than necessary or too late that I'm thrown off the edge of a sheer drop. Physics - Some of the cars feel like you are driving a blob of Jelly and react lazily to steering input, despite having tried numerous setups, which inevitably ends in being catapulted into a tree or stack of logs. I actually took my hands off the wheel on a wide section of road and the virtual hands in the cockpit were still partially steering the car, how can that be?
  7. Having problems with RaceNet tonight, keep losing connection on Career mode
  8. I wish they would use purpose built RX tracks rather than these makeshift conversions that we're seeing at Spa/Silverstone/COTA and now here. Money talks in the end though.