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  1. derschizzinit

    PSN Store wants me to buy Estering!?

    Same issue, in German PSN
  2. derschizzinit

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    Are you on a base PS4 or PS4 Pro? Pro Which game modes you are seeing the issue in? career season 2 bahrain Roughly how long had you been playing for when you start seeing the issue? Right at the start of fp1 Are you using a headset? If so, what make/model? No Are you using a wheel? If so, what make/model? T-gt / Thrustmaster F1 Ferrari add on Do you have any other peripherals pluggedin? 2 x shifters (1× th8rs plugged via usb to the ps4 pro USB port, 1xth8a plugged to the wheel base) 1x iphone 4s as sim dash runing the race dash app all by all this is the most annoying bug i ever experienced in a cm f1 game, it is nearly impossible to have a constant game session with this issue. To Me it looks more like constant micro studdering than temporarly frame rate drops. It seems to only occure in career mode. pls fix it asap, the game ran absolutly smooth pre 1.06 for me.