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  1. Hinjima

    Logitech G27 causes stuttering when plugged in

    This worked for me as well, I didn't log into the game to do this though! I just disabled all the USB devices in Human Interface Devices that had no affect, I found what one was mouse / KB etc and disabled the rest 🙂 Now my game is stutter free even with my TH8A plugged in! Wohoo.
  2. Hinjima

    Logitech G27 causes stuttering when plugged in

    I am using a T500rs + TH8A USB shifter ( not connected to the DIN slot in the wheel as my wheel did not come with that DIN slot ) When I unplug my TH8A the stutters goes away even with the T500rs wheel plugged in, but when I plug the shifter back in the stutters starts instantly. I don't have to restart the game for the stutters to go away or come back, it all happens when I stand on track. I refuse to play this game without my shifter however, I dont like using my paddles. I have read that more people than me have this issue with the TH8A on other Thrustmaster wheels such as the t300 and TX base. I have also tried all USB ports in different ways and combinations and even removed my KB and Mouse but the stutters are still there with the shifter connected... Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0 is the only game that does this though.
  3. Hinjima

    Logitech G27 causes stuttering when plugged in

    Was just about to post this haha, that frametime graph definitely shows that some crazy stuff is happening.... They didn't fix it for Dirt 4 ( it had this issue as well ) but I hope they can fix it here. When I unplug my USB TH8A shifter and only leave my T500rs wheel plugged in the stutters goes away, but once I plug the shifter back in the stutters start. I refuse to drive with the paddle shifter. @ShodanCat I want you to know that they replied to my twitter 'rant' and they are aware of the issue and investigating 🙂
  4. Hinjima

    Logitech G27 causes stuttering when plugged in

    Same problem for me with a Thrustmaster T500rs. Had this problem in Dirt 4 and it rendered the game unplayable for me, and I am having this problem in Dirt rally 2.0 as well, the game runs without stutters when I only use a gamepad ( same as dirt 4 ) But with a wheel plugged in it stutters like crazy. Try unplugging your wheel and play only with a keyboard and see if it stutters then.. This is a video with the issue I had in dirt 4 Making a racing game with wheel support seems extremely difficult... Oh no, wait.. many other companies has done it!
  5. Hello, having some issues with Dirt 4 on the PC... Locking the game to 60fps / Vsync creates stutter down to 55fps and back to 60fps every 2-5 seconds.  Unlocking the framerate makes no difference, still getting the stutter.  Tried everything in the nvidia control panel and in game, I will leave a link to a video I made so you can see the issue yourself.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43cLjkRAJOk I ran Dirt Rally at 4k 60fps ultra with no issues, so its not a hardware problem. Going to link to a few steam threads where people experience the same issue, running the game in admin mode made no difference to me. http://steamcommunity.com/app/421020/discussions/0/1354868867714787641/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/421020/discussions/0/1354868867715761929/ If anyone are experiencing the same problems, please post below! Thank you. I am afraid to test anymore because I am soon exceeding my 2h playtime for a refund on steam, any feedback from developers would be absolutely fantastic! Hinjima. 980 ti overclocked - i5 6600k @ 4.6ghz - 16gb 3200mhz ram and running on an SSD.