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  1. Yup!  That is one of the key fixes of that part. It seems as though it hasn't worked. Just done a quick test on a Spanish stage in BMW E30 and Ford Sierra, same difficulty, time of day (obviously same stage). The top AI when I was driving the BMW did a 1.19 on the stage, but was 30 seconds slower when I was in the Ford. I'm playing on Xbox by the way and was running 'demanding' difficulty
  2. For championships and rallies with a larger number of stages it does. It would be nice to have a few Ai swap fastest times between stages every now and then (without them needing car problems for this to happen) just so it doesn't feel like you're racing one guy through the whole game.
  3. I'm not keen on how quickly the weather seems to change during a stage. Going from clear skies to thick fog and back to clear skies again in little over a minute looks silly to me. Everything else looks awesome though, and the official liveries are the icing on the cake.
  4. The heat haze before the stadium truck race as well as the sound as they all floor it in unison is stunning
  5. After playing Dirt Rally yesterday for the first time in a while I instantly caved in and pre ordered. Hoping there are plans for content post release on this one as well, but either way looking forward to it
  6. The Toro Rosso is by far the best looking F1 car and livery of the past 10 years or so. It would be even longer without the stupid fin. Shame all the rest have been a let down imo
  7. Am I the only one who thinks they are terrible? The noses are awful, the shark fins are just as disgusting as they are on the LMP cars and then other than the rear wing and fatter tyres they look the same as they have done for the last 4/5 years. There was far too much talk of drastically different cars before the reveals. Shame as the livery on the Sauber and Renault are quite nice. And how Williams can consistently make such boring looking cars out of Martini sponsorship is beyond me.
  8. He's always been a bit of a loon. Last year it looked like he'd matured massively and for the majority of the season made Dovi look very very average in a way no teammate has since Stoner/Pedrosa, but clearly it was a blip.
  9. Was a great race but shows how much MotoGP is going to struggle in Italy once Rossi retires. The best race of the year but because Rossi wasn't in it people were leaving by the truck load.
  10. I'd imagine so, or at least an evolution of.
  11. Went to Brands on the saturday as was busy on the Sunday. Absolutely in love with that Vulcan. First time I've seen a GTE spec car as well in the form of two 458's in the GT Sport Club races, had no idea they were that loud. Genuinely sound like old F1 cars.
  12. No, but there are lots of different speculated reasons why he's moved. 1. Simply to try something different 2. Ducati making big steps over last 2 years since Gigi has been in charge of the bike (the man is a genius, not quite Newey equivalent but very highly thought of) and that is only likely to continue. Ducati have been close to winning races for over a year, with Lorenzo on the bike they would have won many last season. 3. Yamaha making the bike to suit both riders, Ducati will likely build the bike around Lorenzo regardless of his teammate. Yamaha already suits Lorenzo really well
  13. I've got no problem with a game being 30fps as long as it is locked at it. Its games that try to achieve 60 but run anywhere from 60 down to 30 that are awful to play. Or anything Milestone create that is locked at 30 and still drops constantly
  14. No sympathy for Rossi? :p  As for Crutchlow, I'm blaming the bike. He's an awesome rider, his time with Tech 3 he was consistently up there. But since then, with the Ducati and the Honda, he seems to end up on the ground more often than finishing races :(  Yeah, that was a weird crash for Rossi.. As for Crutchlow it's definitely the bike, if you exclude Marquez everyone at Honda really suffers wth that front tyre. Just look at Pedrosa so far. Crutchlow has said that Honda have spent the last 5/6 years moulding the bike around two people who ride like no one else, Marquez and S
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