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  1. LittleApple

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues - Update

    You need to look at what the limitations of Racenet are. Then extract a solution that isnt binded by those limits. Which is when the internet goes down theres no ability to contribute to any of your career. Heres some solutions to racenet: Local Hotseat mode (again almost every racing game has done this. P2p rallys (eg Warframe, Splatoon, unreal tournament) Local hard drive save files (Pretty much every game since the 90's has done it like this including the previous dirt rally. Queueing saves for when internet does become available. (leave a process on in background eg. Assasins creed oddysey/ubi launcher) Just make all data offline Move online events into a multiplayer portion of the game unattached to the career mode. Just revert to whole Dirt Rally was run. Should also mention if codemasters ever decide to shutdown the service would they act in good faith and allow people to move progress to offline or even transmit that data into a new game? If you played "F1onlinethegame" you might remember what happened to that game after a while and the loss of both progress and the ability to actually play the game when service was shutdown.
  2. LittleApple

    how to save the game

    Tree blending looks allot better than how it did in Dirt 4. Does this issue exist on all countries or just 1 or 2 in particular stand out? Rain drop effects yea just look awful im hoping this is a placeholder for something better in a patch down the road. Reflections are fantastic although occasionally not truly reflective of the actual weather. (heavy rain yet no water on the ground). N yea as others have said track degredation does impact according to all official sources aswell as from the streamers i've been watching.
  3. im hoping we atleast get an offline sync option or queue as in Assasins creed oddysey. (Play the game as normal while not connected to the internet and as soon as a connection is detected the game syncs up automatically. None of those users prompts or delaying people in transition of loading screens when the internet ***** up. Best thing for longetivity, health and general impression of the game though is to just make career offline. I remember with Iracing in the past where the always online factor made me rule out the game without even giving attention to whether it was good, realistic, tracks, graphics. None of that mattered because where my internet goes out thats it.
  4. LittleApple

    WRC 8 Livestream

    The gravel stages they showed looked rather low speed it will be interesting to see the highspeed stages they. Cars looked very pointy like in Dirt rally 1. I wonder if i put them up side by side with fresh eyes if i'd be able to tell the difference..
  5. LittleApple

    Any news on the patch, tomorrow is content day?

    If the game is not ready several options are available. delay the release label it as a beta period Announce Force feedback, online have not been fleshed and present a timeline thier priority to fix those things Announce a formal apology! Digital extremes for example pretty much pull all nighters when they've got a very broken build and keep people informed almost hourly via twitter/forums. Where are the staff in these matters? All tight lipped, even when people ask directly on codemasters own they're left with silence. We often see even established companies and developers aswell as indie developers run free beta weekends to stress test thier servers before the crucial release. The fact Codemasters are taking so many shortcuts here suggests a severe lack professionalism and respect for customers. Lets compare and look at how Nintendo behaved towards problems with Metroid Prime 4. None of this air of silence and release a broken product. So insulting and attacking us as entitled? People spent thier hard earned money on this game, rigs, setups I think that deserves respect. Theres been absolutely no transparency at all. People paid money for something that didnt meet and still to this day isnt performing to minimal expectations. The minimal expectations werent much btw just an upgraded Dirt Rally 1. Instead we got all these new systems that dont work
  6. LittleApple

    So, to sum up...

    Pretty close summary of the problems however i've seen allot of people across reddit and steam mention 2 other things you didnt cover. Wet weather effects : people have complained about rain drops being unrealistically big obscuring any visibility of the road and looking ugly at the same time. Wet weather issue 2: hardly any raindrops collide onto the windscreen(Possibly a bug?) Water droplet collision is missing on the car models aswell with exception for 1 or 2 small areas on the windshield. Wet weather issue 3: The amount of water droplets that hit the windscreen dont reflect the amount and density of the droplets that appear infront of the car. Finally a few posts have raised the issue of no Hot seat mode. No tooltips in some menus (like graphic setting menu) No 4k support for PS4 pro
  7. LittleApple

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - complete start over

    Yea, you can get 10 free resets to your career mode with this. + allot more if your patient Could also use it to stack up multiple retries to daily events.
  8. LittleApple

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - complete start over

    You can create a new steam account and put it in the family profile. Just be aware DLC doesnt get counted in family profiles on steam from memory? So if you bought the DLC maybe continue to push codies for a solution. I wish they didnt make that stuff reliant on racenet. Dirt Rally had the right execution of it imho.
  9. I saw a few posts on steam from devs asking for more specifics from. Is there anyway we as a community can better assist this issue? Its a pretty major one to all of us. So any way we could improve the quality of feedback utilise any diagnostic tools to assist in data collection?
  10. Read those negative reviews, most are positive about the game but are borderline boycotting it due to always online for career. The games pricing along with the always online and doubts about FFB has scared many people away from it. If Codemasters stick to thier word and support the game for the next 6 months that should be plenty of time to resolve both the problems that are being highlighted in the reviews.
  11. LittleApple

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Codemasters are having thier "you guys not have phones?(reliable-internet)" moment.. Has Christina torn into the devs on any livestream about this? Love how DE rebecca (Warframes community manager) tears through devs on live stream when they try and justify an unpopular decision like this.
  12. LittleApple

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Even Ubisoft allow you offline singleplayer saves in AC oddysey atleast. It simply updates/syncs next time you go online. You hardly know when youre offline or online. Dirt Rally 2.0 though is putting faith in thier own server and the internet infrastructure of all its customers. Which is a very big gamble and one that will burn them and thier reputation. Especially if server goes down from ddos or hacking attacks. To me it makes sense for codemasters to control the individual user experience rather than in the worlds internet infrastructure. What happens if some deep sea cables get cut? or you get on the bad end of a congested route to CM's servers? Or someone tries to extort money by ddosing CM's servers? Theres so many variables that are out of codemasters control here. With that said the sensible thing to do is make single career available offline.
  13. LittleApple

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    tried disabling overlays? Check to ensure theres no popups or other program thats from the task bar thats causing dialogue boxes to tooltips from popping up.
  14. LittleApple

    More sim or arcade is a toxic resolution

    To me its not just about handling. Project Cars to me is a sim but its carried the worst things that I would want in a sim (social media ttrolls, limited championship, awful engine sounds, tyres that behave as marbles.) Grand Prix 4 is a Sim because although its physics were not great it gave the best AI i've ever seen in a racing game, telemetry tools, setups, in race 22 player hotseats, full FIA WC license and tracks, pitstops, tyres, tutorials, damage, component failrues etc. Dirt Rally is a sim because its got accurate camber and crests in roads, no repeat sections, accurate sounds, long distance stages, day/night/weather, Damage, performance difference between cars etc. There are some games though that diverge too far from the real world to be called a sim or dont offer enough real world items. There are also some games that take too much of the bad from the world and dont offer enough of the joy. Then there comes games like The Crew 2, Test Drive unlimited etc. These games have really poor driving models i would rank in the same league as Mario Kart 8D. BUT they the engine sounds, they have big open worlds, weather effects, night and day time transitions, a financial model.