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  1. Yea, The streamer i normally tune into while preparing/eating dinner wasnt doing his normal rounds. Its not peak time for the game so maybe they're running server maintenance at that hour and dont have the care to tell people?
  2. You need to look at what the limitations of Racenet are. Then extract a solution that isnt binded by those limits. Which is when the internet goes down theres no ability to contribute to any of your career. Heres some solutions to racenet: Local Hotseat mode (again almost every racing game has done this. P2p rallys (eg Warframe, Splatoon, unreal tournament) Local hard drive save files (Pretty much every game since the 90's has done it like this including the previous dirt rally. Queueing saves for when internet does become available. (leave a process on in background eg. Assasins creed oddysey/ubi launcher) Just make all data offline Move online events into a multiplayer portion of the game unattached to the career mode. Just revert to whole Dirt Rally was run. Should also mention if codemasters ever decide to shutdown the service would they act in good faith and allow people to move progress to offline or even transmit that data into a new game? If you played "F1onlinethegame" you might remember what happened to that game after a while and the loss of both progress and the ability to actually play the game when service was shutdown.
  3. LittleApple

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Codemasters are having thier "you guys not have phones?(reliable-internet)" moment.. Has Christina torn into the devs on any livestream about this? Love how DE rebecca (Warframes community manager) tears through devs on live stream when they try and justify an unpopular decision like this.
  4. LittleApple

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Even Ubisoft allow you offline singleplayer saves in AC oddysey atleast. It simply updates/syncs next time you go online. You hardly know when youre offline or online. Dirt Rally 2.0 though is putting faith in thier own server and the internet infrastructure of all its customers. Which is a very big gamble and one that will burn them and thier reputation. Especially if server goes down from ddos or hacking attacks. To me it makes sense for codemasters to control the individual user experience rather than in the worlds internet infrastructure. What happens if some deep sea cables get cut? or you get on the bad end of a congested route to CM's servers? Or someone tries to extort money by ddosing CM's servers? Theres so many variables that are out of codemasters control here. With that said the sensible thing to do is make single career available offline.
  5. LittleApple

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    tried disabling overlays? Check to ensure theres no popups or other program thats from the task bar thats causing dialogue boxes to tooltips from popping up.
  6. LittleApple

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I preferred Dirt 4's physics to Dirt Rallys. Once i learnt how to actually tune the obvious problems out of the cars. (notably around the differential) The base setting of the diff and the explanations were not clearly explained in the setup menu. I suspect that misinformation and the conservative base setups led to allot of peoples setups being counter to what they were expecting and hitting on the physics.
  7. LittleApple

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Feels great to see hundreds of thousands of people having watched the F1 esports competition after calling for more support from motorsport series for the last 20 years. Rally series is always a back seat for me when it comes to watching because of the nature of the coverage. Dirt Rally got me interested again but only slightly. Really video games were the platform that got me back into F1 and it was the original colin Mcrea games that got me into Rally. Dirt rally did get me back into rally style racing however the lack of rights meant i couldnt take knowledge i gained in game when i tried to get back into it. Hopefully those people who make licensing decisions actually see the platform as a way to grow the sport. Not just treat it as a cash grab.
  8. LittleApple

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    What exactly are clubs We don't have an answer on the situation yet. Sorry Loved the work on Dirt Rally and enjoying 4. Hopefully you guys have allot more instore for us in the future. (More locations and maybe add some more sections into current locations too.) These restrictive licenses are shooting motorsport in the foot. Quality racing titles that can be used to attract people to the sport. I would've never got into Rally had it not been for Colin Mcrea Rally. Would've never got into and bought a jet ski had it not been for wave race 64, Would've never got back into Formula 1 had it not been for Geoff Crammonds 2 year old licensed F1 games. Quality games for thier time.. My interest in those sports dropped off allot once the racing games dried up. Was lucky Codemasters came in and saved the F1 license atleast. The worst thing is Sim racing is not a cheap investment so getting an exclusive is pretty much diminishing the value of investing into an expensive rig. Hard to justify if every sim under the sun has only a trickle of nice or iconic cars to choose from.