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  1. LittleApple

    Dirt Rally as a service, same as Iracing?

    I care about esports and never miss a round of the events in raceroom. Its more enjoyable than real motorsport when you get some competent commentators. I also enjoy competing in them. The F1 games also got a healthy number of views on youtube though i never watched them. To be fair though for Esports to properly work you need a Free to play or open access model. Not locked behind subscriptions imho. Otherwise its just locking out competition. Dont care for Dirt Rallys esports though as i wouldnt be surprised if its just more rally cross which doesnt interest me.
  2. LittleApple

    Dirt Rally as a service, same as Iracing?

    Would it be sustainable? I never touched Iracing in my life because of the Subscription model. Even when i received a free code for 3 months i still refused to even show support and give attention to it. The same would be true for any game. The only exception is if it was really cheap. Like $3aud per month. But i still would'nt feel like sustaining a subscription at that price. Some of my most favourite games ever were games that were f2p or subscription based that eventually closed down. I hate the model with a passion it leaves me with nothing but memories and a few rare gems that were well put together i cant even reminisce or share my experience about them as they're gone for good.
  3. LittleApple


    Searching youtube tonight found a real life video where raindrops were visible through the headlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fxxg6gqLV0 around the 5 minute mark. The raindrops are mainly visible below the eyeline when compared to DR2.0 maybe this is because rally has highbeams? More headlamps? Lights also look like they're angled higher? Is that right for a Rally car? The raindrops also look much bigger in DR2.0 compared to that real life video. (I was searching for about an hour to find a video where the raindrops were as big and didnt have any luck.
  4. LittleApple


    Hope any changes animates the raindrops hitting the windshield and not some on/off texture swapping. You would think in heavy rain as the wipers are coming down you'd still see raindrops hitting the screen.
  5. LittleApple

    WE NEED A RE-LAUNCH - let's brainstorm!

    Dirt Rally was amazing, It got me off my MMO cycle and back into racing sims after 10 years of not touching my sim rig and racing wheel. A big reason was the amount of information Codemasters were providing during the games development. (Visiting the website and seeing devblogs/road maps and communication etc.) That game had a messy development cycle and really was poorly planned from the start. I think Codemasters were and still are far more organised. Its just the small workforce in the studio needed more time and more thorough QA testing phase given problems with unlocking DLC content and online racenet issues still exist. Those issues should not be exist at all post release.
  6. LittleApple

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    yea, I hate seeing hotlaps and streamers on youtube that drive in a way that if they applied it in real life they would'nt even make it to the end. Clipping wheels on edges of banks, locking tyres and banging the car sides into rocks should be punished. I just cant watch when i see someone slide into a tree at 120km/h and just maintain momentum and in some cases gain even more speed with just a scratch or cracked windshield. Game looks so much easier than the first dirt game in comparison where going over some jumps could ripout your radiators.
  7. LittleApple

    How often do you use the handbrake?

    Never used it in Dirt Rally series. Always used tonnes of rear brake bias in combination of flat camber, (positive torque) differential and gearing. Made for much more cleaner and predictable sharp turns with alot less speed drop off. Its especially a nono with FWD and RWD cars in Dirt Rally for some reason. The Handbrake has so much bite it just feels like a pendulum rolling backwards and forwards. You just loose all forward momentum.
  8. LittleApple

    Virtual Windshield wiper in Hood View

    Should've been included in the deluxe physical release edition. Now thats some serious innovation.
  9. Yea, The streamer i normally tune into while preparing/eating dinner wasnt doing his normal rounds. Its not peak time for the game so maybe they're running server maintenance at that hour and dont have the care to tell people?
  10. LittleApple

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - complete start over

    Seems like many developers have forgetten that people do care about casual experiences without feeling the need to be both forced into competitive play. But i guess they see the success of games like league of legends and think must be do e-sports and force a competitive experience... Ignoring ofcourse that theres allot of games that have died instantly by focusing entirely on PVP for an e-sports market. Cant wait for Dirt Rally 3.0 Battle Royale legends edition.
  11. You need to look at what the limitations of Racenet are. Then extract a solution that isnt binded by those limits. Which is when the internet goes down theres no ability to contribute to any of your career. Heres some solutions to racenet: Local Hotseat mode (again almost every racing game has done this. P2p rallys (eg Warframe, Splatoon, unreal tournament) Local hard drive save files (Pretty much every game since the 90's has done it like this including the previous dirt rally. Queueing saves for when internet does become available. (leave a process on in background eg. Assasins creed oddysey/ubi launcher) Just make all data offline Move online events into a multiplayer portion of the game unattached to the career mode. Just revert to whole Dirt Rally was run. Should also mention if codemasters ever decide to shutdown the service would they act in good faith and allow people to move progress to offline or even transmit that data into a new game? If you played "F1onlinethegame" you might remember what happened to that game after a while and the loss of both progress and the ability to actually play the game when service was shutdown.
  12. LittleApple

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - complete start over

    Yea, you can get 10 free resets to your career mode with this. + allot more if your patient Could also use it to stack up multiple retries to daily events.
  13. LittleApple

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - complete start over

    You can create a new steam account and put it in the family profile. Just be aware DLC doesnt get counted in family profiles on steam from memory? So if you bought the DLC maybe continue to push codies for a solution. I wish they didnt make that stuff reliant on racenet. Dirt Rally had the right execution of it imho.
  14. LittleApple

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    I saw a few posts on steam from devs asking for more specifics from. Is there anyway we as a community can better assist this issue? Its a pretty major one to all of us. So any way we could improve the quality of feedback utilise any diagnostic tools to assist in data collection?
  15. LittleApple

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Codemasters are having thier "you guys not have phones?(reliable-internet)" moment.. Has Christina torn into the devs on any livestream about this? Love how DE rebecca (Warframes community manager) tears through devs on live stream when they try and justify an unpopular decision like this.