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  1. I preferred Dirt 4's physics to Dirt Rallys. Once i learnt how to actually tune the obvious problems out of the cars. (notably around the differential) The base setting of the diff and the explanations were not clearly explained in the setup menu. I suspect that misinformation and the conservative base setups led to allot of peoples setups being counter to what they were expecting and hitting on the physics.
  2. Feels great to see hundreds of thousands of people having watched the F1 esports competition after calling for more support from motorsport series for the last 20 years. Rally series is always a back seat for me when it comes to watching because of the nature of the coverage. Dirt Rally got me interested again but only slightly. Really video games were the platform that got me back into F1 and it was the original colin Mcrea games that got me into Rally. Dirt rally did get me back into rally style racing however the lack of rights meant i couldnt take knowledge i gained in game when i tried to
  3. What exactly are clubs We don't have an answer on the situation yet. Sorry Loved the work on Dirt Rally and enjoying 4. Hopefully you guys have allot more instore for us in the future. (More locations and maybe add some more sections into current locations too.) These restrictive licenses are shooting motorsport in the foot. Quality racing titles that can be used to attract people to the sport. I would've never got into Rally had it not been for Colin Mcrea Rally. Would've never got into and bought a jet ski had it not been for wave race 64, Would've never got back into Formula 1 had
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