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  1. I really hope so, some of them are pretty ridiculous, even for my suspended disbelief.
  2. FrxstyRW

    dlss option gone

    What are you talking about?
  3. FrxstyRW

    FFB issue at start of races.

    This is a common issue, multiple reports. Seems to be exclusive to CSW 2.5 bases as well. Hopefully it's part of the next patch because it's infuriating how something like that got through.
  4. FrxstyRW

    enhanced understeer on or off?

    I prefer it off, I hate that feeling of losing all FFB when understeering because that's not realistic.
  5. PC, Fanatec CSW V2.5, F1 2019 Limited Edition Formula Rim On the starting grid in both F2 and F1, when you pull in the clutch and rev the engine, the force feedback is FORCED heavily to the right. Others are experiencing this as well. Three other issues that need to be taken a look at are: 1. The F1 cars force feedback when driving needs to be increased, they feel too light compared to the F2 cars at the moment. 2. When using the exact same FFB settings as in F1 2018 the FFB clips (goes numb) when going through high speed corners, such as T12 at Bahrain in 2019 when this didn't happen at all in 2018. 3. The braking distances for the F1 2019 cars with Anti-Lock Brakes assist need to be the same as the AI. Currently we have to brake much earlier than the AI to make the corner which isn't fair. PLEASE address these issues, they're extremely important.