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  1. good another reason for me not to throw my money away since i don't play GAS  Multi-player anyway.  I use GAS for SP mode and then go back to GRID 2 for multiplayer just so i dont have to pay into DLC crap like this
  2. Also i have noticed significantly more people playing GRID 2  Multi-Player than Autosport. 
  3. I've still been playing GRID 2 more... GAS is my SP game when i am bored of GRID 2 MP.  They will never make the car upgrade system to my liking in GAS, because it is pay-to-win. :(
  4. GRID 2 is more popular because online is free-to-play model.  GAS has Pay-to-Win online with 2x $$$ boosts and its slow level'ing system without buying the exp boosts. Most people aren't going to Pay-to-Win and most people aren't going to grind forever in the free mode either. So most people play GRID 2 instead.
  5. Grid 2 MP is superior to GAS, but not because of the way cars handle.  It is because in GRID 2 MP there was no pay-to-win or money reduction BS. Autosport is all about getting that RL money with a pay-to-win format and hence died fairly quickly. GRID 2 is basically free-to-play online and you never lose money no matter how damaged your car becomes, so it is vastly more popular and still alive to this day.
  6. So you can double your xp and $$$ if you pay for a month of  2x?  Pretty lame, no wonder this game's MP has been deserted. Really just fix the penalty system and car upgrade system (too late anyway).  The single-player was great, but yeah...  never really played MP.  I'm still enjoying MP on Grid 2 and playing SP only for Autosport if that says anything. Apologies that i'm not that into consumerism to pay RL $$$ for digital cars.
  7. Keep sucking that corporate cock you child of satan  you.  I haven't touched the Multi-Player portion of the game due to the high cost rate of repairs on vehicles and the low population.  Pay-to-Win games are pretty lame and I will not support them in any fashion.  The Single-Player has a much better car upgrading system anyway.  Oh also it is more active instead of racing with the 3 people still playing AutoSport i can race 20 NPC's.
  8. The Multi-Player is dead due to the car upgrade system being very slow to gain exp/$$$ and almost pointless due to how much $$$ repairs cost when you finally get your car high level. (it eats all your money very quickly) There are more people playing Grid 2 MP on PS3.  Autosport has a good SP though, but yeah MP is basically completely dead due to Codemasters trying to clone Gran Turismo for the online portion, instead of making another GRID game.
  9. Just what the title says. I don't see the point in level'ing a car to 50, winning 5,000$ and then paying -7,000$ after each race to repair it, seems pointless and I am losing money.  I want to lock the level of my car at 16 when you get drivetrain tuning so I don't pay so much.  Is there some microtransaction thing i'm missing that lets you keep playing with level 50 cars? I have just started wrecking into everyone in MP and do not care, because money seems pointless anyway. Now I play Autosport for the SP mode and have went back to GRID 2 for MP.  I doubt this is the effect the
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