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  1. I should fix my old og xbox and play PGR 1. Loved that game. The backwards compatibility on 360 sucked for it sadly.
  2. I found Alvarez being up to 1min+ faster or slower in the same car on the same stage just based on what I was driving the worst.
  3. Really nice to see aspects of the game that suffered a lot in D4 getting lots of love and attention to make them as awesome as possible. 
  4. I think a cool idea for multiplayer would be to not have it be a buggy frequently crashing mess that wipes progress and temp bans you every time it crashes.
  5. Looks like the cockpit camera movement is more in line with what I like. Hard to say watching other people play how much I'll like it, but definitely less rigid than D4.
  6. If we get crashed/broken down cars again can we not have them present in the shakedowns like D4? Always annoyed me that they were there pre-crashed before they'd retired from the stage.
  7. Probably at least get that B-Roll video being used as B-Roll.
  8. One thing I really hope is more like DR than D4 is the cockpit cam. Had a bit more movement in the camera relative to the car in DR that made it easier to tell how the car was behaving. Small thing but made a big difference for me playing on controller and not having ffb through a wheel to get that info.
  9. Tea is nice, but coffee... I'd die without coffee.
  10. I don't think D4 usage is a useful measure of car popularity at all given how many either didn't agree with the new physics or had screwy difficulty.
  11. Hoping it plays nicely with steam play. Do most of my gaming on linux these days, and can't see them doing a native version if VR is considered too much effort.
  12. The rickroll is forgiven but DiRT 4 is not.
  13. Getting better at DR was just so damn rewarding. Winning the masters in the 037 felt like a major achievement. I was legit proud of myself for being able to do it.
  14. not afraid = fearless as in be fearless as in dirt 4 as in there is nothing to be afraid of because the back end never kicks out
  15. You just described my ideal game... The problem with D4 for me in this regard was that a lot of the extra stuff was menu options posing as gameplay, and some of them negatively impacted on the core gameplay. (Looking at you, crew chief in a shitty mood. I did all of the work coming up with a partial fix to the busted handling on this car. Who are you to say I can't use my own work and have to do it again?)
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