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  1. Marshymaller

    Golden Days

    I want to clarify before I say anything that I really, honestly do like Dirt Rally 2.0 a lot. This isn't me saying that the devs messed up, or that people shouldn't buy the game because of the online-only content. My question is: why is it treated like an online-only career is an inevitable and necessary part of preventing cheating? It is if you make players build up their team before doing online challenges, but perhaps that itself is an unnecessary design decision - maybe the online challenges are better off being separate from the career! After all, the point of the challenges are to give you a chance to try a particularly difficult thing and see how you compare to other players, it's not really related to the career at all so why make it use the career mode's progress? If anything removing the progression from online challenges would make more sense than leaving it in, level playing fields are the realm of eSports and it's hard to convince people that you're a serious competitive game when someone who's put in the hours to have a better crew will be objectively better off than one without. So then the only reason for having an online career mode would be to protect stage times so that those can go on leaderboards, and... well, when we have both a dedicated time trial mode and an online challenge mode, does having a leaderboard in the career mode really matter that much? Even in the best case scenario, online time submission increases the time it takes for someone to move on to the next stage and making your career mode feel slick and smooth is really, really good. So I dunno. I think that an offline career would have been fine and it wouldn't have made the game worse, but it's also not the end of the world that it's there.