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  1. Honestly that's more than just an aesthetic thing - it seems like the spotlamps give a bit more light, and sometimes even during the day you can have situations where the lighting isn't quite ideal. I usually have my lights constantly on ingame for that reason.
  2. I actually think it very well could be the funky tarmac-ice/snow combo previously seen in Monte Carlo. I've seen footage of some rallies in the US being done during the winter, though I can't find the one I'm thinking of exactly right now.
  3. I could be 100% off base here, but I get the feeling that they might finally decide to do mixed surface considering they're allowing for tire selection where that type of thing will really effect how your run goes. So, if that ends up being the case theoretically any of the locations could have tarmac!
  4. His exceptionally well-written gossip will be missed, but the crux of it can be obtained by listening to opinions on particularly moderation-light forums some of which PRC's writer may lurk for fun. From what he said on his twitter, he just wants to do industry stuff now and being an angry outsider isn't as fun now that he sees what it's like on the inside.
  5. I finally made the sequel to my infamous video where I successfully ruined a million newbies' tuning setups with way too much rear ARB and dropped at least one curse word per sentence. I figure this is a bit late since everyone here already knows how they like to tune their rally cars, but I'll pop it in here in case someone gets a giggle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x42GjMGMW8
  6. It stinks that we won't see Toyotas in racing games because for some reason they keep pulling out. Apparently they feel that it's a 'bad investment' to put their cars into racing games because people are unlikely to buy their cars off of it, which is a silly reason until you realize that they're actually sort of right if all you care about is making as much profit as physically possible which is definitely what Toyota is about now.
  7. I genuinely think minimalist, more stylistic 3d graphics are the next direction mid-budget games are going to go in just due to the sheer amount of budget necessary to go full realism. I'd love to see games that put tons of time into accurately simulating real life scenarios from a gameplay perspective but are okay with having a more simplistic visual style for the sake of ease of production and to allow for the creation of a lot more content. tl;dr low poly dirt rally 2 pls
  8. The issue of games having flashy graphics but with a bland, lifeless artstyle often turning out to be mediocre is not something caused just by UE4 and Unity and so on. Back in the 360 era I was constantly looking out for games with the plastic sheen of a completely unedited Unreal 3 post processing set, because generally speaking that meant a game had little care put into it. The classic example I use is the Rainbow Six Vegas games - the assets are all AAA-grade, but even in a still screenshot you can tell how completely uninspired the game was. With asset stores and other methods to quickly p
  9. This is super offtopic, but I disagree massively with this type of statement. I understand where it's coming from, it's harder than ever to differentiate between a successful, well-designed indie title and a bargain bin trash heap but the existence of free to use engines has been a massive boon for the games industry. Back in the mid-late 2000s any game using Game Maker to make a 2d experience was looked down upon because, of course, most Game Maker games were trash made in 20 minutes by some teenager but with games like Hotline Miami and Undertale being produced, that stigma is at least parti
  10. iRacing is having less success as of late. Originally, the draw was it was pretty much the only sim that made it easy to get into a full server with other people and race at a high level and also it was oval racing-oriented which meant that the NR03 guys could just move on up and have a really well-organized, well-designed experience. As they've expanded their game, some of the massive flaws in the system have become more obvious but having the playerbase where at any given night you can race in one of a dozen series still allows it to be extremely popular, but other games have started to be a
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