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  1. Ditch the F1 rim ASAP. If the goal is to be the fastest no matter the cost then fine; but for anyone that’s never experienced turning the wheel hand over hand and the feel of the wheel spinning through your grip back to center is missing out on what rally is all about. Get a round rim. Not one of those D-shaped ones either.
  2. I’m in Columbus. Chillicothe is 50 miles away, and Portsmouth is another 50 from there. It would probably take me 90 minutes getting to some of the backroad spectator locations. Assuming parking is possible on the road side somewhere?
  3. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this event living 50 miles away from the start. I know where I’ll be next year...unless they cancel the event for another 20 years..
  4. This has probably been discovered by one of the DiRT-o-philes already, but I just realized why the ‘95 Subaru and Stratos have their odometers set to ‘8768’. 68 for the year Colin McRae was born, and 87 for his first year in WRC.   ‘8568’ would have been his date of birth.  So close.
  5. Surprised that nobody has asked Kylotonn if they are planning on DLC.  Maybe that’s where the Audi and Subaru models are hiding.
  6. D4 ‘Your Stage’ really comes alive when mixing up the times of day and weather conditions. Arrange a Rally where all the stages head directly into the rising or setting sun.  Or create a Rally where the weather gets progressively worse as the event transpires. And then try it with every car possible. The options are nearly endless. 
  7. The entire article appears to be poorly written or (maybe) translated.  
  8. My interpretation of this comment is BigBen would like and is capable of producing WRC8, but ultimately the licensing is out of their hands. The most telling fact is the early end date of WRC eSport Championship makes me believe the license is going elsewhere.  To whom I have no idea.
  9. eSport racing doesn’t do anything for me whether I’m participating or spectating.  Watching the laws of physics being destroyed turns me off quite honestly. Speaking of being destroyed, that’s basically what happens to me in online racing anyway; getting beaten unmercifully or constantly shunted off the track.
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