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  1. cjr3559

    Offline Custom Championships

    No, offline custom championships don’t carry over part degradation from one Rally event to the next. You get a new car without worn parts for each event. I’m probably the only person who’s trying to make an already difficult game even harder.
  2. Please allow use of garage cars in offline custom events. It will give the offline component more depth using cars that deteriorate with miles accumulated, part upgrades, and part replacements. Just like we can already do in My Team. Being someone that’s had the game since day 1, the online events are stale with the predictable service stages. And the community events are still segregated by DLC and non-DLC. It’s more fun to create custom championships where tire wear plays a factor. I need a reason to use hard compounds when there are many consecutive stages without a service park. Also, allow us to determine the level of stage degradation when creating custom offline events. When selecting ‘Authentic’ (the most realistic), the surface never gets the chance to degrade much past light even when starting last. By the end of a multi-stage Rally the surface should be pretty well worn out and rutted. There’s so much untapped depth and complexity in this game, and the online events don’t showcase it.
  3. Ditch the F1 rim ASAP. If the goal is to be the fastest no matter the cost then fine; but for anyone that’s never experienced turning the wheel hand over hand and the feel of the wheel spinning through your grip back to center is missing out on what rally is all about. Get a round rim. Not one of those D-shaped ones either.
  4. The game continues to crash in between events during single player offline custom championships. Upon finishing an event when you are at the service park with your crew and you want to proceed, the game will go blue screen. This occurs almost every time.
  5. Ironically the current ‘Bonus’ monthly event contains only DLC content, which are the legacy locations from DR1. So in effect the current ‘Bonus’ monthly is just replaying DR1 with stage degradation, improved graphics and maybe using a new car. Meanwhile the regular and D+ monthlies only use the ‘new’ DR2.0 locations repeatedly month after month. Now that we have 12 locations, can we stop the location segregation and get a monthly event that pulls from all 12? The only way to get a mix is through ‘Your Team’ or the event creator.
  6. cjr3559

    "Event Details" should be more readily available?

    We really need the DLC locations mixed into the ‘D+’ Community events; at the very least added to the Monthlies.
  7. cjr3559

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    I’ve invested $120 in this game (seems like a lot) but after all content is released, it’s basically two games worth. I would rather pony up the full amount and get all the content at release rather than get it piecemeal over a year. By the time the final content is out I’ve run some of the stages so many times I’ve gotten tired of them. I will have to say that previews of WRC8 shows it has the potential of offering nearly as much content at a lower price though.
  8. Created a 4 event custom rally championship. The game prompted me to select my vehicle before events 1 & 2 (chose the Lancia S4), but when I started event #3 I didn’t get the vehicle select prompt and automatically got the Audi instead. Bug, glitch?
  9. cjr3559

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    PS store USA is working. 👍 😃
  10. cjr3559

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    Almost there for PS. I get this. Couldn’t buy them with $ if I wanted..
  11. cjr3559

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    Content is up on US PS store, but the cars must be purchased. Season pass holder. The liveries are free.
  12. cjr3559

    Deluxe content same problem to dowload

    Odd time for content to go live, but thanks for the info. 👍
  13. cjr3559

    Deluxe content same problem to dowload

    PS, USA, content doesn’t show in the store.
  14. This. Absolutely. I’m one of those day-one multi-millionaires with more credits than I know what to do with. Need more of a challenge managing my funds and equipment, and I don’t even incur that many repairs on a regular basis and still finish tier 1 and tier 2 regularly. Since the latest update I’ve had only one instance of sweating out and actually putting any thought and strategy into repairs with hardcore damage enabled in career mode. I can go kms and kms without spending more than 10,000-20,000 credits in a 8 stage rally.. but your mileage could vary. Looks like custom offline championships are my future if I want a real challenge with repairs (charged to my account or not). Less service stages = less driving like a lunatic.