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  1. DR, D4, DR 2.0: Spain Monaco Sweden Finland New England/Michigan Poland Australia Wales Germany New Zealand Greece Argentina
  2. I’ve got the Sparco rim and love it. I don’t have Ferrari rim, but the R383 may seem strange and large at first. Going back to the stock T300 rim feels toylike. It did take some time getting used to the button mapping (on PS4). And you might prefer the Ferrari D-pad, but the Sparco is ok. Also like the perfect round shape. Never been much for modern wheels with irregular shapes. Especially for Rally.
  3. Caught this today and had to do a double take. Signs that are home to Michigan are found in New England apparently. Though there’s no State Route 9 in Michigan, US Route 23 is real and runs through the entire lower Michigan peninsula. These are signs you wouldn’t find in New England. 😉
  4. cjr3559

    Night driving in heavy rain

    I’m serious enough about proper FOV settings to go PC soon. Tired of console ports and their myriad limitations. In the end I blame the platform, not the developer. Though SMS has FOV adjustment..
  5. It would be interesting to see the full breakdown of views by percentage. All I know is “I am the 3.0%” 🏆
  6. cjr3559

    How do engine upgrades work?

    I’ve been upgrading my engines lately by skipping levels. I’d like to know if you’re really getting the full upgrade by doing this, or should you step up to each level. So I decided to go back and apply the mid level upgrades to see if that makes a difference. What I did notice however is even after applying level IV, the game lets me continue to perform the lower upgrades again for 2,000-4,000 credits. Like the game allows me to keep throwing credits at the engine over and over but I’m pretty sure nothing is changing the performance by dong this. It must be a bug of some sort, because why would you be able to keep upgrading lower levels when level IV is purchased?
  7. cjr3559

    Tyre life and Running order

    The only thing I’ve noticed with wet tires on dry tarmac is a definite grip increase and the car tends to push. Wets appear to be relatively durable as their soft/medium counterparts even on dry but I really haven’t tried pushing them to the max yet. For me it depends on the amount of kms and the forecasted conditions on which tires to choose. It’s easier drive with wet tires on dry surfaces than dry tires on wet surfaces, but I tend to prefer a tighter setup.
  8. cjr3559

    WRC 8 Livestream

    Makes me wonder how this studio could have made V-Rally 4 so mediocre to middling. Enjoyable, but too many bugs.
  9. Agree, why are the cars miraculously clean between stages. I can see an automatic wash at service locations but not otherwise.
  10. Lancia 037 and these would be welcome newcomers
  11. cjr3559

    Darkness and rain all the time

    Depends on the month. The sunset is around 4:30pm in November in the northeastern U.S., but you could argue the foliage would peak in mid-October in that region. Granted, it’s a little off. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/usa/portsmouth-nh?month=11&year=2019
  12. cjr3559

    Stage analysis - career mode

    I was at a restaurant the other day and the server asked me, “Would you care for some dense fog with your wine?”
  13. cjr3559

    Dash Camera

    I agree. Some cars have very good cockpit setting options (Fulvia, Cadette) but it’s woefully inadequate in others. The Alpine either needs a dash cam or let us scoot up closer to the dash.
  14. cjr3559

    Small thing, but still annoys me

    Suppose this can become the thread of all small annoying things. Let us have the speedo/tack HUD in cockpit view. The most comfortable position for me is closer to the windshield which cuts out the instrument cluster. While I don’t stare at the panel, it would be nice to have something somewhat visible for occasional reference. While we’re on the subject of views, I’ve run the Fulvia and the A110, and the furthest forward in cockpit cam I can manage in the A110 is halfway from the back seat. Not the case for the Fulvia. Why the stark difference, and what happened to the dash cam. And I’m not referring to the center positioned exterior windshield view. Curious to see what the other cars are like eventually. Still can’t turn on headlights until the stage starts. Considering most of the time we’re driving in dusk/dawn conditions, let us have more flexibility to turn on the lights. It’s like the racing committee in-game banned touching your light switch until the green light. And make them more luminous please. Way to dim. Same with wipers; don’t need that random swipe when it’s clear and dry. If I have them set to full manual I don’t want them ‘automatically’ turned on to intermittent every stage.