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  1. cjr3559

    Top 5 favourite cars to drive

    I can’t pick just 5 so I’ll list my favorites. And I haven’t tried them all yet. In no particular order: VW Golf Lancia Stratos Alpine A110 Audi quattro Porsche 911 Subaru Impreza ‘95 Opel Kadett Mini Cooper BMW M3 Peugeot 205 Subaru Legacy Need to try more of the 2000 class cars, I’m sure there’s some really good ones in there like both Subaru and the Ford Focus but haven’t driven them since DR1 and D4.
  2. cjr3559

    American English Co Driver

    For an American codriver I always liked Jen Horsey, but all the guys have been great. No complaints. My bad, Jen is actually Canadian. I should have said ‘North’ American. ☺️
  3. Think of it this way. In DR1 there were only 6 locations. Now there are 13. It takes more time and determination to move up the ranks. In DR1 I made it to Masters but never won it all. In DR2.0 I’m mid to bottom at Elite and that seems about right.
  4. cjr3559

    Scotland (My Team Events)

    Anyone else get a preponderance of rain whenever drawing Scotland in My Team? Got Scotland twice so far and both had 9 out of 10 stages with rain. I get it; it rains there, but that heavily all the time? Can the team adjust this maybe?
  5. How about 3 digit numbers for the cars, or at least access to the highest number for the maximum number of entrants. In DR2.0 we’ve got 150 entrants in many championships. Silly request, but why not.
  6. The only way I’d use soft tires at Monte Carlo is on the 100% tarmac stages (no ice/snow) which I believe is just two of them (forward and reverse). Can’t recall the stage names off hand, but they’re like 4kms. And the chance of getting them consecutively between service stages without a snow/ice stage is slim to none. Other than the option to choose wet or dry tarmac compounds, there really isn’t much point to the different tire options in the game. As far as dirt compounds are concerned, with the usual glut of service stages that are dished out you may as well just pick softs for everything.
  7. cjr3559

    Offline Custom Championships

    No, offline custom championships don’t carry over part degradation from one Rally event to the next. You get a new car without worn parts for each event. I’m probably the only person who’s trying to make an already difficult game even harder.
  8. Please allow use of garage cars in offline custom events. It will give the offline component more depth using cars that deteriorate with miles accumulated, part upgrades, and part replacements. Just like we can already do in My Team. Being someone that’s had the game since day 1, the online events are stale with the predictable service stages. And the community events are still segregated by DLC and non-DLC. It’s more fun to create custom championships where tire wear plays a factor. I need a reason to use hard compounds when there are many consecutive stages without a service park. Also, allow us to determine the level of stage degradation when creating custom offline events. When selecting ‘Authentic’ (the most realistic), the surface never gets the chance to degrade much past light even when starting last. By the end of a multi-stage Rally the surface should be pretty well worn out and rutted. There’s so much untapped depth and complexity in this game, and the online events don’t showcase it.
  9. Ditch the F1 rim ASAP. If the goal is to be the fastest no matter the cost then fine; but for anyone that’s never experienced turning the wheel hand over hand and the feel of the wheel spinning through your grip back to center is missing out on what rally is all about. Get a round rim. Not one of those D-shaped ones either.
  10. Ironically the current ‘Bonus’ monthly event contains only DLC content, which are the legacy locations from DR1. So in effect the current ‘Bonus’ monthly is just replaying DR1 with stage degradation, improved graphics and maybe using a new car. Meanwhile the regular and D+ monthlies only use the ‘new’ DR2.0 locations repeatedly month after month. Now that we have 12 locations, can we stop the location segregation and get a monthly event that pulls from all 12? The only way to get a mix is through ‘Your Team’ or the event creator.
  11. cjr3559

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I’m in Columbus. Chillicothe is 50 miles away, and Portsmouth is another 50 from there. It would probably take me 90 minutes getting to some of the backroad spectator locations. Assuming parking is possible on the road side somewhere?
  12. cjr3559

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this event living 50 miles away from the start. I know where I’ll be next year...unless they cancel the event for another 20 years..
  13. cjr3559

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    My bet nothing is broken or glitched, it’s part of the game design so they don’t become overly repetitive. Still, would be nice to see one occasionally for those of us that have played this way too much.
  14. cjr3559

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    Don’t know about 2.0, but DR1 and D4 had animals run across the road in the distance at night. Again, only saw them a couple times early on and then never again. As for the post about what settings are we using, I’ve got mine set to ‘Unexpected Events’ [on].