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  1. cjr3559

    New ffb impressions

    The update is atrocious. Wheel weight completely stripped away, and the new suspension slider at zero makes things worse, it does not give you the pre patch FFB. Pre patch I went with John Armstrong’s recommendations for a T300, now that advice is worthless, delete the video. At least previously we had substantial FFB to work with, to dial back, but now what can you do with a weak wet noodle. Maxed out SAT to 150, maxed out Tire/Wheel slip, car still feels like driving a toy, floating over the road. The pre patch feeling of the tires actually digging into the road is gone, can’t get it back. Tried a half dozen settings, reset controls to default, recalibrated the wheel, but it is what it is. I am the minority.
  2. cjr3559


    For me, heavy rain conditions are the best in D4. DR2.0 are ok, but there’s nothing worse than racing through a dense field of Polish bamboo at night. Literally can’t tell the difference between the rain and the trees.
  3. What some of us are asking for is a preference, not a bug fix. I’ve never had a bug or glitch with wipers in any DiRT game. What I want is full manual control. As with all of the latest DiRT games (DR, 4, 2.0) stages start with the wipers set to intermittent swipe no matter if the user settings are on ‘full manual’. Don’t want to have to turn the wipers off each and every dry stage. Am I the only one that can’t stand the periodic swipe when it’s not needed??
  4. cjr3559

    Racenet issue 08/05

    No issues all day.
  5. cjr3559

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    My bet nothing is broken or glitched, it’s part of the game design so they don’t become overly repetitive. Still, would be nice to see one occasionally for those of us that have played this way too much.
  6. Any reason why there’s no option to tune at service parks in monthlies? Could be missing in weeklies also, haven’t played a weekly lately.
  7. cjr3559

    How often do you use the handbrake?

    The trick answer: At the start of every stage. Otherwise; working on a proper setup to use my new TSS Handbrake. Then comes learning and hopefully mastering it.
  8. cjr3559


    Or some similar type of testing facility. Unsure why the ‘Rally’ entries never had a place for testing while the numbered titles did. Though thank you for the test drive option.
  9. cjr3559

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Fantastic game

    I like them all.
  10. cjr3559

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    Don’t know about 2.0, but DR1 and D4 had animals run across the road in the distance at night. Again, only saw them a couple times early on and then never again. As for the post about what settings are we using, I’ve got mine set to ‘Unexpected Events’ [on].
  11. cjr3559

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    This happened in D4, too. Maybe after a certain (short) amount of time playing they stop so it doesn’t seem repetitive. Who knows. Haven’t seen a drone, stalled car, or bird flock in a while. Don’t know my total playing time, but it’s been quite a bit.
  12. cjr3559

    Spain: Surface Degradation

    I can feel the degradation differences on gravel/dirt. Steering is more difficult, the car doesn’t track straight, and understeer is more pronounced in corners. All even more exacerbated in wet conditions. Haven’t found an issue with this feature. I like it. Tarmac is different subject though. I don’t do a lot of corner cutting so maybe that’s what I’m missing.
  13. So how does it actually work. I got the trophy for winning a stage with high surface degradation, but it was in Spain. My thought would be the surface actually improves if you’re starting near the end since more rubber gets laid down on tarmac, so winning this trophy in Spain is directly in opposition to the achievement. Same with Monte Carlo. Except for maybe the snow, you’re better off starting at the end. It will be interesting to see how this develops once Germany is released.
  14. DR, D4, DR 2.0: Spain Monaco Sweden Finland New England/Michigan Poland Australia Wales Germany New Zealand Greece Argentina
  15. I’ve got the Sparco rim and love it. I don’t have Ferrari rim, but the R383 may seem strange and large at first. Going back to the stock T300 rim feels toylike. It did take some time getting used to the button mapping (on PS4). And you might prefer the Ferrari D-pad, but the Sparco is ok. Also like the perfect round shape. Never been much for modern wheels with irregular shapes. Especially for Rally.