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  1. Brian142

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    I'm also frustrated by having the button icons for my Thrustmaster TX wheel show as "3" and "5", instead of X-Box-style button icons like "X" and "A". In DR1 I was able to edit some xml files to change the icons to match how they're labeled on my wheel, and it makes all the non-driving parts of the game so much nicer to use. I was also able to fix the button icons in F1 2017 by editing some xml, so I had hoped that this would be a standard thing you can do for any Codemasters game. Unfortunately I never figured out how to customize the icons in either Dirt 4 or DR2. It would be great if the button icons displayed correctly out of the box, but I would be happy if at least I could customize the icons by editing the xml configuration file for my wheel.
  2. Brian142


    For Dirt Rally 1, if you logged in to your racenet account on dirtgame.com, you could view leaderboards for each stage as a histogram, with a marker for your own best time. We need to have histograms like this in-game for all online leaderboards in DR2! If we had this feature, then when I do an online daily challenge, instead of just learning that I'm in 843rd place and 56.033 seconds behind first, I could view a glorious histogram and get a good overview of how my time fits in relative to everyone else. It could be added as another tab on the leaderboard screen: Maybe the game would display the ordinary leaderboard view at first, and then we could press L/R shoulder buttons and switch to a histogram view of the leaderboard data. CodeMasters should add this feature to all their racing games!
  3. Brian142

    see what cars we own when we want to buy one

    Granted, the game does give you a warning when you try to buy a car you already have, and you get a chance to cancel the purchase (since version 1.5 at least). But I agree that it would be better to make that information clearly visible when you're browsing the cars for sale.
  4. When I finish a stage of a weekly or monthly online event, there are couple of things I want to know: How well am I doing overall (e.g. am I in the top third? top 10%?) How well did I do in that stage (e.g. did I move up or down in the standings? by how much?) Currently it's hard to get precise answers to those questions. I know my current numeric ranking, and I can get a rough idea of how I'm doing overall by looking at the indicator on the scroll bar. But to know precisely whether or not I'm in the top 10% requires me to know how many players are on the list, and it takes a long time to scroll all the way down to the bottom. In DR1 I could jump to top and then press "up" to immediately wrap around to the bottom to see how many ranking entries there were, but in DR2 the leaderboards don't wrap around. To tell how well I did in the last stage, I have to remember my previous numeric ranking and then see how it changes from one stage to the next. But just because my ranking number went down doesn't necessarily mean I passed a bunch of other players; maybe a lot of players ahead of me just haven't completed the last stage yet. Here are a few simple features that would make stage-end leaderboards nicer for multi-stage online events: Make the leaderboards wrap around, so I can select "go to top" and press "up" to quickly see how many entries there are. Make separate tabs for just-this-stage standings and event-so-far standings, just like we have for career mode events. Add numeric indicators (e.g. in upward- or downward-pointing red or green triangles) to tell us how much our rankings have changed since the previous stage. For maximum usefulness, this number should only report the number of players we've passed or were passed by; it should not consider those players who have completed the previous stage but not yet completed the current one.
  5. In the cockpit view of the BMW M1 Procar, there is a toggle switch on the dash with a red "ON" label next to it. The problem is that during play the label flickers heavily due to Z-fighting: either the whole label disappears a frame at a time or it is cut off along a diagonal slash. This is probably more noticeable with temporal anti-aliasing turned off, as I have. Perhaps another contributing factor could be my old graphics card (a GTX 960) whose drivers might use some different settings for Z-buffering than newer graphics cards use (although this is just a guess). To fix the problem, I think Codemasters just needs to lift the label slightly away from the surface of the dashboard in the 3d model for the car's interior. It's possible that other cars have similar Z-fighting issues, but I haven't checked all the other cars yet. I just noticed on the BMW as I was using it for a weekly online event this morning.
  6. Brian142

    Tyre selection being reset

    I've been seeing the same thing in career mode. Usually I select soft tires for the stages, and then when I get back to service it shows that the car has used mediums. I'll have to try again to see if the same thing happens on weekly challenges as well.
  7. The game is almost there. I can access everything in the game and menus using only the buttons on my steering wheel (a Thrustmaster TX leather edition), except for two things that I've noticed that require me to use a gamepad or keyboard: The startup screen that says "press start or enter" does not respond to the start button on the wheel; I have to use the keyboard or gamepad. I expect this would be very easy to fix. On the bottom of the "Events" screen, the tab "Summary" is selected. Using the gamepad shoulder buttons, I can switch to the "Rewards" tab, but no button on my wheel does the same thing. Nor have I found any way to map a wheel button to this function in the input configuration. The "Garage" screen has similarly inaccessible tabs (can't switch from "Performance" to "History" or "Info"). UPDATE: Checking again, I just discovered that the accelerator and brake pedals can be used to select these tabs in the menus. So now the only thing I can't do with the wheel/pedals alone is get past the title screen.