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  1. :) Thanks for the update.  It was time. >:)
  2. It's lots of things :P This is not funny!
  3. Attention! DIRT owners! Boycott Codemasters games! Do not buy anything from them! As long as you do not have the support Steamworks Dirt 2 and 3! Let's join together for the game! And to keep their promise! Everyone annoy the players EA, Ubi, CM ... Enough is enough!
  4. Seriously! We deserve this? It was announced a year ago that come with Steamworks support. And no. This is unacceptable. I bought so many games from Codemasters (Dirt 2, 3 Showdown, F12012, and Grid 2, Operation Flashpoint Red River and Dragon). But I'm not going to buy more. 2K solved, Warner solved. Codemasters why not?
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