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  1. MattKB

    Turning cycle in slow corners

    Has anyone notice that slow corners seem more laboured in this version? Turn 1/2 in Monza, Monaco hairpin, Canadian hairpin, Vietnam’s tight one - all seem way more challenging than in 2019.
  2. MattKB

    Turning cycle in slow corners

    I’m doing something wrong then. I’m finding that I’m braking going in, initiating the turn and it’s pretty hard work getting around the apex on right turns.
  3. MattKB

    Turning cycle in slow corners

    Hmm I use auto gears so am I now at even more of a disadvantage?
  4. MattKB

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    Oh wow!! Hi! great app btw. Anything to help identify individual players would be great, thanks. Shame they don’t let you use the gamer tags/ psn id
  5. MattKB

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    Probably basic question, but on PS4 all the apps I’ve tried just show ‘PLAYER’ when looking at times whilst racing online. Which obviously isn’t hugely useful, is this a limitation, bug or something else? The app I’ve used the most is Race Dash. A friend is using an Android app and apparently shows users as ‘PLAYERxxx’ where xxx is a number.