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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I haven't finished the career yet but here are my impressions. I like the game, in general, I'd give it a solid 8/10. The handling of the cars is convincing and requires skill, it isn't a simulator but it feels rewarding when you finally master it. I don't like the AI much. In touring cars they tend to be overly aggressive and they'll bump you out of the way if you hold the racing line but are slower than them (often when I'm still learning a track). Catch up system is present especially in touring cars, this should be eliminated in the next game as it's artificial difficulty. Sounds are very good. I've listened to better ones but the one you have in the game are great and accurate for the most part, unlike in GRID 1 for example. The dash view sucks. Interiors are low poly and blurred, and the dials don't work. Don't be fooled Codies, lots of people enjoy racing with cockpit view, especially on PC. Treating them like crap by giving them a subpar cockpit isn't good. I like that camera that's ahead of the steering wheel, but really that should've been achieved by an adjustable FOV instead. My other pet peeves with this game come from the career mode and DLC, mostly. I personally enjoy the career system of competing in disciplines rather than countries. XP is easy to earn, especially with the boost pack, so the game isn't very grindy, although it's to the player's benefit to learn the slower cars first. But the thing that made GRID 1 fun the most, is absent from this game. The ability to make your own team and hire your teammate. Having the ability to race for Ravenwest isn't an equivalent substitute. I love the Ravenwest livery but there's nothing like building your own team with your own sponsors. This feature is present online only and I don't understand why. Another thing is that DLC benefits online players only. The DLC cars, with the exception of Touring Legends, don't come with custom offline liveries, and aren't usable in career. From what I've seen, Codies has no interest in giving liveries to these cars, nor do they want to allow us to race them in career, which is IMO really disrespectful treatment to people who enjoy playing mostly offline. I just wasted half the price of the full game on a Season Pass containing cars I won't be able to enjoy to the fullest unless I play online. Seriously, what's the point then? Finally, the Z4 GT3 model is wrong. The one in the Coupé DLC isn't a Z4 GT3, it's a E85 Z4M that was never raced in any GT3 events. I can't believe this licensing blunder went unnoticed. I would seriously hope that people who make racing games know about racing cars. I think it's bad when DLC doesn't follow the same rules of the game... Reeks of laziness unfortunately. :( That's why I think the DLC gets a 6/10 from me, lower than the score of the main game.