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  1. DarkseidF1

    F1® 2019 – Revealing The Final Cars

    A Follow up question would also be wasn't it possible to have the 90 years livery on the Ferrari? Isn't codies not allowed to show that livery? Cheers Charlie
  2. DarkseidF1

    F1® 2019 – Revealing The Final Cars

    A fan of your games since 2009! Appreciate all of your work since the first F1 Game. Just want to point out Are the car sounds finalized on the latest gameplays? The Ferrari, Mercedes sound so low while in 2018 the sounds of the Merc and Ferrari were so much better and realistic to the real life TV on-boards. I know they gameplays are still work in progress but hopefully the sounds get better on the cars. The rest is all but perfect!!!! Cheers on the graphics cannot wait to test it out on my rig!!! Cheers Charlie