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  1. Balazsryche

    Season 3-4 pass for golf and 206

    Same issue here, some things never change. I'm an Xbox One Deluxe+Season 3+4 owner. It happens at almost every new release. Annoying AF.
  2. F2 Racer achievement description says: Complete the "2018 FORMULA 2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" championship event Since the F2 2019 update is out, my question is that is it possible to unlock the achievement by completing the 2019 season instead of 2018? Anybody tried? Thanks.
  3. Balazsryche

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    Yesterday I also completed Adaptable by driving a single stage in overcast condition. Thanks for fixig it, no more achievements left - for now :)
  4. Thats what I said. I never said they won't include Anthoine Hubert in the update, I only said his case is different than Bianchi's and it will affect the release one way or another.
  5. Jules Bianchi is in F1 2015 too (2014 season), but don't forget he was still alive at the time the game first released. So I think it is a slightly different scenario this time, and it will somehow affect the release of the F2 2019 update. Rest in Peace, Anthoine.
  6. Balazsryche

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Now I'm in Canada in my Carreer mode S02, and I have to mention that this will be my 3rd consecutive wet weather qualifying session and counting.... 🙂 Someone at CM really wants me to test the AI pace in the rain on Saturdays 🙂
  7. Balazsryche

    AI wet qualifying pace issue (Test results)

    Pretty well. Top 3 all the time so far.
  8. Balazsryche

    AI wet qualifying pace issue (Test results)

    I always do it and never caused any trouble, maybe some unreal sector times here and there. In dry conditions it's still fine, no issue like this...
  9. Balazsryche

    AI wet qualifying pace issue (Test results)

    OK, so here is my situation. Career mode, Baku. Fastest car on the grid. Q1, intermediate conditions throughout qualy. I would say my timed lap was a 99,9%, so I don't think I could have been any faster. After that I fast forwarded and tadaaaaaam, I was last and +2.5 off the pace. Conditions were not improved. Never happened like this before the patch. In the dry I'm faster than them, so this is a huge difference. I play with a controller and on 90% difficulty, TC full. I'm yet to test it with lowered TC settings, and it wouldn't be representative cause I'm not used to it, so..... Can you guys test both full TC and no TC settings in a wet qualy session and see how it goes compared to the AI? I think that would be telling. Thank you.
  10. Balazsryche

    Not all Car models/liveries updated?!

    It's impossible to be 100% up to date, as new updates appear literally each session of a GP weekend, sometimes they stay sometimes they go... They have to find a fix point in the season to make it into the game I guess. Fun fact: You know for example at Haas, Grosjean reverted to the Melbourne spec car while Magnussen is using the updated car. How cool would that be represented in the game?
  11. Balazsryche

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Based on my experience, I would still hold on to my oppinion. Winning races in the dry and dead last in qualifying in the best car with a literally perfect lap... Maybe I'm not a rainmaster but for sure I'm not suddenly 2.5s off. It wasn't like that before, and it is no fun to play the career anymore with them so inconsistent.
  12. Balazsryche

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    AI are definitely OP in wet now. In the fastest car of the field, I was 2.5s off the pace in a wet Q1 session in Baku. Thats last place in a car that is capable of pole. Never experienced like that before, like it wasn't even worth going out, no chance. Of course in the race it was dry and I was easily make it through the field onto the podium, and my fastest lap was 2 tenths quicker than the fastest AI's. I tought I was able to find the right difficulty settings to match the AI, but there is a significant difference between the dry and wet pace of the AI now. And no it's not me running out of talent when it rains.
  13. Balazsryche

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    If you guys say that deleting local save files won't affect My Team progress, then I will try it later today or tomorow and have another go for Adaptable 💪
  14. Balazsryche

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    I had. I drove the shortest Aussie stage in dry, overcast, rain and wet conditions but nothing changed, the achievement is still locked and the progress stuck at 75% (Xbox). 😞