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  1. It's the same on Xbox Series X. Replays, highlights, showroom, interviews and some cutscenes are very low fps, it breaks the flow of the gameplay. I always hit the A button on the controller ASAP to skip them and prevent the console to crash, because that happens too. Does anybody ever tested these parts of the game? I doubt it.
  2. Unfortunately replays, highlights, interviews and cutscenes are causing the crashes on consoles.. I really hope they fix it soon.
  3. It has nothing to do with ventillation, every other games are fine. There is a serious issue with cutscenes/interviews/replay mode which cause the consoles to overheat without any reason, not only Xbox but PS as well. There is another conversation about it and is already with developers.
  4. Same issues here on Series X. Something is wrong with cutscenes/interviews/replay/highlights, these are causing the console to turn off way too often. Not a single problem during actual gameplay/driving.
  5. So far it hasn't happened during actual driving (60fps) for me. But since I opened this topic, it also happened in replay mode. To me, it looks like this issue is limited to the 30fps parts of the game, these parts just feels like out of place, unoptimized and **** up the console, possibly a memory leak or something. Wish I could try the Xbox One version since F1 2020 is working flawlessly, but unfortunately there is no way to do that on the Series consoles.
  6. Platform: Xbox Series X (quality mode) Podium celebrations and other in-game cutsenes (not the pre rendered movies from Braking Point, those are obviously fine), and the showroom are stuttering, laggy and sometimes sound is crackling, but most noticably during the interviews the framerate performance is horrible, also stuttering and turned off my console a dozen times in 5-6 hours. The one and only time I tried to watch a highlight also turned the Xbox off. Performance mode doesn't help, also turned off the console once in a short time. No other games are doing this. Also for quality
  7. I think the target was the British GP weekend, so feel lucky to play it 3 days earlier if you purchased the deluxe edition 😛
  8. AC released in 2014, not in 2004 😉 Still looks impressive though.
  9. Couple of years ago at Silverstone the start/finish straight was a DRS zone, but T1 was flat. Some drivers lost it right at the moment of turning in and ended up in the wall with DRS open. So especially in lower grip conditions they closed DRS manually just to make sure they survive the corner flatout without losing the rear. But you are right, it was just an exeption, not the rule.
  10. @BarryBL Do you guys plan to release deluxe edition on disc or is it gonna be digital only?
  11. I'm currently in my 3rd season in Myteam. Before the 1.17 patch I had one or two scripted AI technical issues/slowdowns or DNF's each race, but since the patch they are completely gone. No radio messages about somebody slowing down or DNF and stopping and causing SC. Anybody noticed the same and can confirm this?
  12. For sure I'll accept it. 2 months passed since I first reported it so I don't think it will be fixed and as BarryB said we are very close to the next game. What I can't accept is a scornful (I don't even know the right word in English) and so obvious reply when I just try to help. Next time I won't bother to report so minor glitches, just not worth it. 🤐 Like I said, move on to F1 2021...
  13. So does the community 😉 I just wanted to help and remind you guys after two months, in case you may forgot it. It shouldn't be too hard to make it right since all other similar animations are fine. But I guess it's only me who bothered by this at all, and obviously that's not enough. See you in F1 2021. 😴
  14. No ****. I know it is not a game breaking thing at all and I can live with that, but come on. If I pay full price for a game, I expect someone else do the beta testing. You know, the one who got paid for it. I know devs are lazy these days and players are "forced" to report bugs if they want the best experience for their money, but it's simply not their job to do. So your welcome.
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