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  1. Btw... How does one associate the racenet id with the steam id?
  2. @Loore‌  go check every Racenet result this week.... Look for the time of the 1st place on every one of them!!! MINDAUGINIS2... ohhh you!
  3. @Didzis‌ I am about to buy the endurance McLaren, so,  about that one I know nothing.  But I have the longer Street version and its liverys are fully customizable. 
  4. Do you know if, at least, it counts to Club's XP???
  5. What about a VAC ban (if he's using Steam)???
  6. Go home, you're drunk (kidding) No way... I play almost everyday... Sure there's fewer people during mornings, but night-time is chaos there!
  7. @Loore‌   Please check picture below and tell me how is it possible to someone to have +400 million XP in 56 races???
  8. I got the Crew also, but it is just sitting there... it's a poor game and not comparative to GAS whatsoever. Total different genres. But add me anyway... UBI name: skaputnikMZ Hugs!
  9. Now they just have to fix the issue regarding: when one purchases alone DLC, cannot join another player (custom cup) who created a custom game having a Season pass.if it is the other way around, it will work.Bottom line is, I have ALL DLC's purchased and I cannot join any session created by someone with a Season pass... Big no there, Coddies!
  10. I'd be pissed to hell! Good luck ahead!
  11. I am up to Level 164 now, meaning that I am now some kind of a experienced driver. During this time, only once or twice, I saw someone being kicked for "being a good driver". Usually it applies to the 1st corner wannabees - those are the kicked ones! And then, there are the ones who are too good, so they push they're way to the front, no matther what - [BTC] Nut5 ' this one is for you
  12. Who knows. But the mysterious post from the GRID account on Facebook today has set a few tongues wagging... LINKS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, (pleeeeeeaaaaassseeeeee)
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