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    How is this possible?

    @Loore‌   Please check picture below and tell me how is it possible to someone to have +400 million XP in 56 races???
  2. Skaputnik

    A Tip for Codemasters

    Hi, don't take me the wrong way - I love GAS! My favorite game... This is more a hint or a tip. I would love to know to which category (Touring, endurance, street, etc) a car belongs when scrolling my garage. You could place it next to the car level (in the case below, next to the LVL04 What do you think?
  3. @Loore‌  go check every Racenet result this week.... Look for the time of the 1st place on every one of them!!! MINDAUGINIS2... ohhh you!
  4. Yeah... it only happens to me during thr racenet challenges... In multiplayer is everything ok... What I do is, when it freezes, I wait up to 2 minutes and then the game will come back...  I do this instead of just restarting the game because, sometimes I already provided a good lap (time attacks) or I am in a good run (races)... but heyyyy It makes me want to break everything!
  5. Come and join a rising team in the GA scene. With 2 super-active pilots, already in the Portugal Top 20, you can only prosper with us. Add yourself to our STEAM GROUP;Look for Centurion or Skaputnik on Racenet and add too;Finally apply membership HERE!WelcomeWe value the importance of clean racing. 1st turn wankers and wannabees are not welcome. Race clean
  6. Hi,  Anytime I try to join a Multiplayer race using DLC's (any of them) I get an error message telling me I have to download that same DLC. That is strange, since I have all of them Any ideas?
  7. And let everyone know why on the comments below!
  8. Skaputnik

    Nissan GT-R 35 Liverys

    Hi, Quick question, Why can't I apply my custom liverys and/or Racenet Club Livery to the Nissan 2009 (R35) FT-R Specv??? It only allows me to pick from a set of 5 or 6 boring colors!
  9. Skaputnik

    How to Install DLC?

    Hi, I got Grid Autosport with STEAM... so far so good. Recently I purchased the "Road & Track Car Pack" also, but I don't know how to install it. In the game Main Menu, there is a DLC Store item, but when I select it, I am prompted to the Steam store to buy something. But I already got it.. I am a bit confused here. Please help! Thanks
  10. Skaputnik

    Another Cheater on the Racenet Challenges

    Btw... How does one associate the racenet id with the steam id?
  11. Skaputnik

    Nissan GT-R 35 Liverys

    @Didzis‌ I am about to buy the endurance McLaren, so,  about that one I know nothing.  But I have the longer Street version and its liverys are fully customizable. 
  12. Skaputnik

    Nissan GT-R 35 Liverys

    Do you know if, at least, it counts to Club's XP???
  13. Skaputnik

    How is this possible?

    What about a VAC ban (if he's using Steam)???
  14. Skaputnik

    Grid Autosport Mulltiplayer

    Go home, you're drunk (kidding) No way... I play almost everyday... Sure there's fewer people during mornings, but night-time is chaos there!
  15. 13 .... woooowoooooooooooo
  16. Skaputnik

    to all my grid racers

    I got the Crew also, but it is just sitting there... it's a poor game and not comparative to GAS whatsoever. Total different genres. But add me anyway... UBI name: skaputnikMZ Hugs!
  17. Skaputnik

    Hyper Brakes

    Will try that! TY
  18. Skaputnik

    Donnington and Silverstone add on

    Now they just have to fix the issue regarding: when one purchases alone DLC, cannot join another player (custom cup) who created a custom game having a Season pass.if it is the other way around, it will work.Bottom line is, I have ALL DLC's purchased and I cannot join any session created by someone with a Season pass... Big no there, Coddies!
  19. Skaputnik

    My RaceNet progress is gone?

    I'd be pissed to hell! Good luck ahead!
  20. Skaputnik

    Grid Autosport 2?

    I am up to Level 164 now, meaning that I am now some kind of a experienced driver. During this time, only once or twice, I saw someone being kicked for "being a good driver". Usually it applies to the 1st corner wannabees - those are the kicked ones! And then, there are the ones who are too good, so they push they're way to the front, no matther what - [BTC] Nut5 ' this one is for you
  21. Skaputnik

    Grid Autosport 2?

    Who knows. But the mysterious post from the GRID account on Facebook today has set a few tongues wagging... LINKS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, (pleeeeeeaaaaassseeeeee)
  22. Skaputnik

    Grid Autosport 2?

    For me GAS = GRID3
  23. Skaputnik

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Festive seasons mean more family time and less gaming time (insert kinda sad face here)... I made +600k points in October and November for my team and now, as for December, only managed to sum about 30k... lol But hey, I'll be back (Terminator style) in the new year, soooooo Merry Christmas for ya'll!
  24. Skaputnik

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Tyre wear is there... just head to ENDURANCE mode!
  25. Skaputnik

    Grid Autosport

    GRID, GRID 2 ou GAS? Windows, Mac or Linux? Graphic card, etc... give details so that the staff can help you... and may be screenshots!