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  1. LukasR_87

    Sponsor Logo color on Racing Suit

    On my car that logo is white
  2. LukasR_87

    Sponsor Logo color on Racing Suit

    I noticed that the sponsor logo on Racing Suit and Helmet is always yellow and I can't find where to change it, maybe you can add a possibility that we can change the sponsor logo color like on the car?
  3. LukasR_87

    Around the Globe trophy

    @PJTierney @ChrisGrovesMCM It would be also helpful if we could drive more than only 99 laps - at least in time trial. If you could add an option where we can drive infinite laps there would be great!
  4. LukasR_87

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Ok, thank you for the quick reply! 😉
  5. LukasR_87

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    On PS4 I have Patch 1.05, is Patch 1.1 expected to come later?