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  1. After the first Upgrade is Build that should give the Team +10% EXP it removes -10% Team EXP and -10% of the Codrivers EXP. Last Race my Codriver lost level 11 and went back to level 10. Workaround is disable the Marketing Department. Greetz VN
  2. Thanks, i done that. Steam Players Mentioned that bevore and i can say too that shut down Marketing works. One Tip Shut down it AFTER your Weekly Team Activitys are done and BEVORE you start the new Weekend with the Race or bevore a Invite Event. So you still get the Bonus for the Team Activitiy Upgrade and Prevent the -% Bug.
  3. Hello, For some time now I have been getting minus experience points for the team on the reward screen after the end of a race, qualifying, interview etc. Last time I finished qualifying first, had no interview (so I couldn't say anything wrong) and got minus experience for the team. At least the bar went left instead of right. A very annoying bug since I am level 17 and would like to get to 20 for the fourth sponsor. This problem may have started after I upgraded the marketing department in the +% experience area. However, I am no longer sure whether the problem was presen
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