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  1. I sold and bought all the cars in B and A groups but... this doesn't work :((
  2. Hello. After 130 hours still i don't have this achievements. I sold all my cars and buy it again but it doesn't work. Great job, lazymasters. Any fix?
  3. Ach. And again - disappointment. Please fix all bugged achievemenets and give us earn credits in freeplay mode.
  4. Exxan

    Game update tomorrow

    Credits in freeplay mode! 🙏
  5. Exxan

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Hope train.
  6. Exxan

    So much challenges

    DiRT Rally: Daily, weekly, monthly - clear, simple, nice. DiRT Rally 2.0 - DAILY, DAILY, DAILY, WEEKLY, WEEKLY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, MONTHLY, MONTHLY, DAILY, WEEKLY, DAILY AI, WEEKLY AI - And of course - you MUST play this challenges if you want credits (you want). This is not a good idea. I'm done in this game.
  7. Exxan

    Credits except career

    That would be very nice if we can earn credits except career mode - in freeplay mode and time attack.
  8. Exxan

    Thank you Codemasters

    Almost perfectly game. CM must delete RaceNet and give us credits in freeplay and this game will be awesome.
  9. I hope you remember: negative review after release.
  10. Exxan

    RaceNet was a mistake.

    RaceNet is fine for daily, weekly and monthly. Not for career and earning credits.
  11. Exxan

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    @ChristinaMc please, hear us. 😉
  12. Hello DR community. My feedback: - No more internet connection requiered for singleplayer - Earning credits in every race in every mode (time trial and own championships) - Player global stats in main menu (like DR) - Steam avatars / crown in leaderboards on daily / weekly - Add monthly challenge Greetings.