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  1. Go to steam community and read the reviews on this game they mostly go like this:

    The driving is awful. The cars wallow all over the place, the grip modeling is bizzarre, you have to brake at sim-like distances, though the AI does not--and meanwhile the AI's only goal is, seemingly, to wreck you at every opportunity, or at least shove you off the track or into the nearest barrier. They will honest-to-god plow into you at the startline if they can. It's like multiplayer with twelve-year-olds.

    The cockpit cam is pathetic. It's worse than the Grid 2 mod.

    No team of your own, no personal livery, no stable full of cars--just mercenarily jumping from sponsor to sponsor and racing whatever they have for you.

    The only reason I'd give this anything but a zero on a 0-10 scale is that it looks very nice, all things considered, and has a pretty interesting car list--that I will never fully get to experience because of the godawful nature of the basic game. It's a two at best.

    If you want an arcade racer, pick up the first game, or grab any of the NFS games. If you want a sim, Assetto Corsa is the answer. Reading through some of these other reviews, I'm boggled by the low standards and mean value to which people hold their entertainment dollar these days.


    CM say they cannot turn off the AI, well why not turn off collisions for the Fastest Lap events, 
    This should have been the way in playlists as its a race against the clock and not against the other cars.  

    This was suggested before the game came out, but as usual CM ignored me, as they what the players want more than the players do.  At least thats what they think.  Just look at Grid 2.  
    Cannot turn off the AI?

    They are either lying or really stupid, you decide.
  3. THEN:

    Nicholls then talks about the main reason why they went for PS3 and Xbox 360 instead of PS4 and Xbox One.

    We’re working on our next-generation technology already and our future games will take advantage of it, but right now we feel there’s a great opportunity to use the existing EGO engine to make a GRID game that responds to our community and makes and awesome motorsports themed racing game. - GRID: Autosport’s lead designer James Nicholls


    There old technology, we don't have time to waste on them anymore. - Loore (Paraphrased)

  4. All the rubbish about 'freezing issues' on grid autosport.... People getting refunds, people actually taking it so personally that they throw abuse about to others and the company that made the game.... You want a patch out so badly, if you want it done properly then why are you rushing it? Would you rather wait a little longer and have the patch with no other issues or would you rather demand it now and have the possibility of needing another patch to fix another issue that arises because it were rushed??? 

    The way I see this is, there's many more games out there, if u don't like freezing up then don't play the game until it is patched? All this forum is filled with is whiners. Bored of looking at it now along with many others
    If you buy a toaster and all it does is burn the toast then  it's not doing what the makers claimed and you have the right to a full refund.

    You buy Grid Autosport and it says that you can play online, then you find you can't, it's the same thing, it's not doing what it was claimed to do.

    It's quite simple when you think about it.
  5. Loore said:

    I could make a website and start saying sales numbers, can't say I've ever seen one be correct on VGChartz, don't believe everything you read :)

    Grid Autosport on the Xbox 360 did quite well in sales, so much for the PC brigade:

    GRID Autosport .................... The Xbox 360 version accounted for 55 per cent of sales, the PlayStation 3 for 41 per cent, and the PC for 4 per cent. - GameCentral  Monday 30 Jun 2014 10:35 am

  6. Loore said:
    QOALL60 said:
     I dont expect an answer you seem to pick and choose what questions you answer????????????????
    I answer questions that I have an answer too, I like to think I've been pretty open to be honest, at least more than we have in the past and certainly more than other devs.

    If this is in regard to the freezing issue, we're working on a patch and it's currently going through internal QA, once that's complete and we're satisfied with it working we'll pass it over to Microsoft.
    Hopefully it will work, the Xbox 360 still has a huge following with new games coming out all the time, to abandon it would not be a wise decision.

  7. D4ZZL4R said:
    As far as I know, xbox 360, uses zenon/zenos processing chipsets (ibm), (made years ago, alongside its build from the mainboard and upwards) which would cause limitations. pc's of gaming spec, have a far greater range, and a lot more advanced technology which can take it. Loore commented on the problems related to the consoles in that the xbox 360 technology is old, and the insufficient memory is the problem, and makes massive sense in comparison, 360 vs pc, as to why pc users aren't freezing, and 360 console users are.
    Did they not test these things "before" they released the game?

    On the PC there are a bazillion different hardware combinations, on the 360 basically one!

    They know the limitations of the 360, they did Grid 1 & 2, Dirt and F1 games, they are just pointing the finger elsewhere IMO.
  8. MrDeap said:

     You will be a happier person and above all, you will learn more.

    Great post,  just doesnt need the last part. 
    Im more than happy thanks.  

    Still not a believer though.  

    @TUSMBOX,  Show me the replay. 
    Can you prove he did use a keyboard? NO.  

    It doesnt mean it didnt work for me,It had to work for me, there was no other option.  It was keyboard or dont play.  Years went buy, game pads were bought and binned, Then I stopped gaming for a few years, untill PGR4 on the xbox, and I had to get used to thumbsticks, which I didnt like at first.  But realised the're a better way of giving me more control.  

    This is going nowhere,  

    You say he did use a keyboard and I cant prove he didnt. 
    I say he didnt use a keyboard, and you cant prove he did.  

    So Im going to just leave it there.  

    Believe what you want.   

    Try to beat that. It's done with a keyboard. Got beaten by it.


    That guy was excellent.

    I don't know how anyone can race using a keyboard, my fingers are big and just seem to get in the way of each other.
  9. Operator1 said:

    In the nearly 4 months since Grid AutoSport was released, the game has only been reliably playable for console customers for less than half that time (almost 7 weeks).

    The game was released in late June 2014 with numerous significant issues, the most serious of which was the widespread game-breaking corrupt save data (a common problem in other prior CodeMasters games).

    Consoles were not patched to fix Grid AutoSport's corrupt save data defect until 2 months after release, in late August.

    Then in early October, an update/patch (?) caused the game to freeze repeatedly, and remains unresolved.

    These are not minor issues that can be easily worked around. These are major defects that render the product unusable. The response time from CodeMasters in resolving problems for console customers has been substandard.

    This is unacceptable. There should be a full worldwide recall issued for Grid AutoSport, along with full refunds for every customer. CodeMasters deserves to be made a public spectacle for this situation to serve as an example for the rest of the industry.

    @Loore - This is an awful way to do business, and whatever short-term benefit CodeMasters sought by prematurely selling Grid AutoSport in such a defective state will be for naught since it has permanently & irreparably soiled the company's long-term reputation.

    When customers buy games, they're not buying the mere hope that their purchase may eventually be fully & reliably functional at some unknown distant point in the future - they're buying something that should be fully & reliably usable at the time of purchase (and that should remain so for as long as the platform is viable).

    Like I said in another post if you buy a toaster and it doesn't or only partially works you are entitled by law to a full refund or a fully working replacement if available, in the software industry you pays your money, takes your chances, if it doesn't fully work they try and sell you an upgrade, there is no law for refunds.
  10. Thing is, though, after GAS was released, there were just as many posts on here praising the aggressive AI as damning it. So they're never going to please everyone.
    I think you mean that many posts were saying the AI is better than in previous games, which doesn't mean it's good it's just not as bad.

    When was the last time you saw a touring car race and drivers went out of their way to slam into other drivers and then just roar off like nothing had happened?

    As to Codemasters games, going back to the TOCA series, I own all three and like RD2 and RD3 but what I did to make the games really playable is to reduce the power of the AI cars by around 10% and the front and rear grip by 10%, I also increased my cars front and rear grip by 10%.

    The games are magic now, you can actually go down the straight and not have the AI cars roar off into the distance, they actually have to take the corners or run off the track, it's like a real racing game, not like driving a racing car with bicycle width tires on it.

    If I can do that and Codemasters made the games then "surely" they could have done the same?

  11. MotoWPK said:
     Still, too often the AI collides with you in an unrealistic fashion.
    In real racing competitors work hard to avoid contact because it can so easily cause damage that will eliminate you from the race. This is even more of an issue in multi-player online racing where collisions are even more common due to careless racing and from a few who use collisions are part of their racing strategy.
    I think this situation would be improved if GAS treated collision damage more realistically with regard to a car being able to continue in a race. It's ridiculous to see cars with a tire missing, or greater damage, continuing to race, much less continuing at a race pace (I'm not fast, but how in the world can a car missing a tire pass me in the corner?).
    Of course taking damaged cars out of a race would penalize both those who caused the collision and the unfortunate victim of the collision, but, if you're more likely to be DNF'd due to damage it would provide a motivation to all racers to avoid collisions, just like in real life racing, and, IMHO, improve the racing overall.

    Codemasters just don't get it that their AI is ridiculous, I think they enjoy making the AI frustrating to the point of putting people off.
  12. Loore said:
    Across all three formats we have no plans for new cars or tracks, our artists are already hard at work creating content for a number of unannounced titles.
    So does that mean it was rushed out, has a lot of problems that will cost a lot to fix, so it's been bypassed for more lucrative work?

    If that's the case then I hope these unannounced titles are properly finished before their release as your track record is that once it's out it's out.
  13. isamu99 said:

    I'm really surprised by such statistics. Does anyone know the reason? :\

    It's because GRID 2 is a better game, and people are finally starting to realize it. The game was raked over the coals and absolutely crucified for not having a cockpit view when it was released. Many people including myself could sympathize and understand the disappointment with that issue. But after a while GRID fans started warming up to GRID 2 and started realizing just how fun it really is.

    Many people who wanted the old TOCA or GRID 1-style handling are actually in the minority. Most people from what I've seen and heard, actually enjoy the drift-y handling of GRID 2 and prefer it over both G1 and GAS.

    Drifting is slower than driving around a corner so it's purely for show and to please the arcade crowd. Grid 1 and Motorsport are more for driving.

    There were also those drifting movies out at the time and kids like anything that's in a movie and looks "cool", die hard racers shun drifting as a waste of time.

    It's fun and looks exciting but its just not racing.
  14. Codemasters made the AI and they can break the AI, it's that simple.

    I was just playing Grid (the original) and anyone that has knows this scenario, I started near the rear of the field, got up to where there were two cars in front, one spun out nearly taking me out but I avoided it and concentrated on the leader, my Nissan Skyline GT-R Z-Tune handling beautifully, I took him a few turns later, now here is the weird thing, we were just in front of the pack when I passed him.

    I really hammered it now and this one guy kept right on my tail trying to ram me at every corner, he now has much more speed than the other AI cars and stays right on my tail for another lap until I finally shake him off.

    What happens with the AI cars is that they get more speed when they are close to you, there is lines in the code for the AI drivers that set their aggression, speed in, speed out etc, but these are overridden under certain circumstances, it's like the reverse of the "easy catch up" that some games employ, it happens for the AI cars.

    Codemasters you want to sell lots of games but time after time you ignore the cries of "the AI cars making it like a demolition derby", why do you think that people want that, are you making too much money?

    Why put things in a game that put a lot of people off?

    Are your game designers that out of touch they think that's what everyone wants?  Get your game designers out in the fresh air, take them to real car races and see how they are run, maybe it will rub off.

    Grid, Grid 2 and Grid Autosport could be the best racing games out there but it's the stupid AI that's holding them back, you could be making lots more money on these games.
  15. My 2 cents on all this:

    The number one complaint about Race Driver games, Toca, Grid etc is that the AI is too aggressive, if Codemasters hasn't heard that by now they have their heads firmly in the sand, no one who buys a racing game wants a demolition derby.

    If they do they can go here and get one for free: http://www.bgames.com/racing-games/demolition-derby/

    I will go out on a limb here and say this without even having played Grid Autosport (I am playing Grid 1 & 2 at the moment).

    "You will start from near the rear of the grid, there will be a huge pile up at the first tight turn, AI cars will be scattering like roaches when you turn a light on, if you slow down to hit the apex of the turn on the racing line, you will be rear ended by some out of control AI car, who will simply bounce off you and speed ahead with no penalty for damage, unlike you."

    How about it Codemasters, why not  turn down the aggression of the AI cars?

    You can do it I know you can, don't ignore the crowds shouting it from the roof tops, they are the ones paying the bills.

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