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  1. Exactly! And the better you get at it the faster you can enter the corner without running off the track on the exit.
  2. Have some faith and try it, but I am not saying you slow right down, but just enough to be able to hit the apex from around a cars width from the outside line, and accelerate as opposed to people who brake hard at the last second, losing most of their momentum then try and play catch up on the AI cars. I am playing Grid on the Xbox 360 at the moment and before nearly every race the game is saying to increase my level of difficulty as I am winning my races easily. And before using this strategy I could hardly get on the podium. (And no I am not an expert at racing) If you ever watched the pro
  3. I agree entirely with this, I went to game consoles because I got tired of some new game not working because it needed this driver, or didn't like this video card/CPU combination on the PC, with a console you just put in a game and play it.
  4. Most people have probably worked this out but I find cornering like this makes it easier to win and pass AI cars. Approach the corner on a racing line from between mid track and the outside, the AI cars all head to the outside so you avoid trailing behind them. Take your foot off the gas as you approach the corner, don't be afraid to slow down a little sooner, only brake if necessary, I try not to brake much at all. Now turn so you hit the apex of the corner, your inside wheels should just touch it or as close to (you don't want a penalty for corner cutting), as they do, hit the gas and accele
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