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  1. In this video you can see him adding all six sponsors to the car. But only three of them seem to appear.
    The process starts at 11:00. Only the first three sponsors appear on the car. And the rear and front is totally empty (only the bonnet shows the sponsors from the side). There is nothing in the usual places like under the headlights or taillights.

    Is this a bug?


  2. Honestly, I hope it's not a RX official license. This would mean a lot more focus on RX and less on Rally I'm afraid. And I can't see how good this will be in a game named DiRT Rally. Don't get me wrong, I do like RX but it really has nothing to do with rally imho.
  3. Agreed about all that has been said about SLRE. Definetly staying with Dirt Rally.  But those San Remo stages look really nice actually. I would love to see this kind of stages in Dirt Rally too.
  4. I would say every single car that raced in the 80s and 90s. But here's my top five. 

    - Peugeot 306 Maxi. (fastest car I've ever seen here on the rally Catalunya Costa Brava tarmac stages)

    - Lancia Delta (from S4 to Integrale)

    - Toyota Celica  (preferably with a Carlos Sainz livery)

    - Any Subaru before 2001 (the Impreza Gr.A from 95 is the best one IMO)

    -  Renault 5 Maxi Turbo

    Hope to see all of  those cars in next Dirt game! :smiley: 

  5. mspbarry said:
    Here's something that would be great and has never been done before in a rally game: offer a scenario mode where you get to relive classic moments from WRC history by racing in set scenarios that were iconic battles from the past. For example, drive as McRae in Rally GB 1995 to clinch the title from Sainz, or race as Makinen in the final stage of Rally Catalunya in 1997 (and beat Liatti's stage time by a certain margin) to win his first ever tarmac event, and drive as Burns in Rally GB 1998 to help Mitsubishi win their first manufacturer's title. The list is endless, but it would offer unique challenges based on real history, and would put the cars and settings to good use. Wouldn't be too hard to do either, but you'd have to get the appropriate licences.
    How can we missed this one? Now that's a good idea. And yes, the list is ENDLESS. 
  6. I mainly agree with all the points on the list by now.

    We want a good and true rally experience. Realistic long special stages from tarmac to gravel and snow. Always keep the rally ambience in mind. For me it's 25% about the track, 25% about the surrounding ambience and 50% about the physics and handling.

    I want to race with as many rally cars as possible. From nowadays cars to the old gr.B and A cars. Old wrc cars too. I have an interesting point here. What about the Kit Cars from the 90's? Everybody seems to have been forget these cars but they where absolutely nice cars! In tarmac they where actually better than wrc cars. The Peugeot 306 Maxi, the Xsara Kit Car, the Megane Maxi, etc.. And the Kit Cars sound where THE SOUND of the 90's just like the Quattro was the sound of the 80's. Can you remember this?

    Please, keep focused on rally. I would agree with some rally cross and hill climb too but mainly good old rally racing. 

    Please Codies, let's make the best RALLY game ever!
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