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  1. can we please get more save slots for our setups? i like a setup for each location. at this time we have more RX locations than save slots. i also like to have some wet setups but am out of saved slots. thank you
  2. ch3sty

    Steering angle list?

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/1643167006305405760/ the 8th post, someone made a spreadsheet on the cares, steering angle and transmissions/gearboxes
  3. ch3sty

    Center stack on Halo not removable in 2019

    settings under camera options....you can turn off halo column its the same in 2018 i think on PC
  4. ch3sty

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    the steam update worked! nice RX Track!!
  5. ch3sty

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    the latvia rx stage is not in the locations folder of the game files on steam. probably easier to just re buy the latvia dlc rather than redownload the game again, but i should not have to do either one. pre order deluxe on pc
  6. ch3sty

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    Potential solutions: Uninstall and reinstall the Latvia DLC. Verify integrity of game files on Steam. this did not work for me....... very disappointed in CM........ OMG ARE YOU REALLY TELLING ME TO REINSTALL THE GAME? AND IF THAT DONT WORK? ITS A CM ISSUE BECAUSE THIS GAME HAS HAD NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS FROM THE START! I HAVE OVER 500 HRS IN DR2 AND YOU WANT ME TO REINSTALL THE GAME? I HAVE NEVER HAD TO REINSTALL A GAME FROM STEAM FROM ANYONE ELSE! DELUXE ON PC. https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/1639788130286597725/
  7. ch3sty

    The Tyre Thread

    considering the state of the game.......I would be scared of CM adjusting anything to do with the tires, lol but it certainly was only done halfway like most of the game, lol
  8. ch3sty

    Enough with the boring Monthly Challenges

    maybe they could group some classes together for more choice in cars, like in freeplay historic you have, Classic Rally, Modern Classics, Present Day
  9. we need this!!!!! please. thank you. I mean after all we did buy DLC content!!!
  10. Can we please have more DLC in community events? Not just the bonus/special events. It would be nice to see more community events using new stages and new cars! Just add more events if you have too. Please consider possibly setting up some community events the way it is in freeplay historic..... like you can choose H1,H2,or H3. example... Classic Rally, Modern Classics, Present Day
  11. ch3sty

    Sooo many H-class events

    I like RWD H2 and H3. just not all the time. really dislike FWD H1 and H2 when its a monthly. I dont want to do 20-30 stages of H1 and H2 for a monthly. yes we can skip those events but we are trying to grind for credits. It would be nice if we like had a choice on monthly, like pic h1,h2, or h3, it will never happen but..... multiple classes to pic from on some monthly events? Like they do it in freeplay historic rally.
  12. 27-4-2019 sweden(not sure of the stage name) special event/weekly challenge/4wd up tp 2000cc/ skoda as i crossed the finish i slightly bumped the finish line flag and it shot me forward really fast, like i was accelerating extremely fast.
  13. APRIL 25 2019 Daily RWD H3 Sweden (not sure of the name of the rally map) rear of the bmw touched the bank of snow and it flew into the air spinning so fast it made me dizzy, about 12, 360 spins in the air. you are not wrong, i have friends showing up on the leader board (in the ai daily races) but they havent played in a long time!
  14. bmw m1 procar i had a tuneup for each location. after the 1.3 patch my tuneups are all the same. if you switch the tuneups they all show up as stock and you cant reset them, the reset is grayed out because its a stock set up. if i make new setups it will work correctly and i can change between the new setups and see them change and i have the reset option. actually if i pick a new setup then load an old one it shows up as the new one. so the setups prior to patch 1.3 show up as stock or as the previous new setup if you had one selected. very frustrating to loose setups as i am a tuning newb and have lots of time invested in them. i checked a few other cars and all works correctly. i have not checked all other cars. so far the bmw m1 procar is the only one i have a setup problem with.
  15. ch3sty

    no more marshall please

    am i the only one that runs over the marshal at the end of the race? race ends instantly if you run him over, lol